Why a work order software?

Your assets need to be maintained. They need work done on them. The way you track that work is through work order software like ManagerPlus Lighting. However, Lightning is more than a list of the work you’ve done. It’s a suite of tools to help you track every aspect of those work orders. Whether it’s time spent on the job, parts used to complete the work, or scheduling the next time it need to be done, ManagerPlus Lightning helps connect everything together. 

A business is like a living, breathing being: everything works together to accomplish the task. Let ManagerPlus Lighting become your nervous system, tying everything together and making sure you can find the right harmony between all your moving parts.



How does ManagerPlus help?


End-to-end tracking for maintenance logs and fleet assets. Everything you need—anywhere, anytime.

Customizable system configurations that provide actionable analytics. A perfect fit, every time.


Time-saving process efficiencies that cut long-term costs. So you work smarter, not harder.


Compliance management with automated fleet maintenance logs and recurring scheduling.

Implementing a Work Order Management Software

Purchasing and implementing a work order management system is a big commitment. Fortunately, our trained team of customer success specialists have years of experience in helping organizations like yours get up-to-speed with ManagerPlus Lightning. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting ready to implement a work order management platform:

  • Data is king. Work on making sure all of  your data is put together into spreadsheets so that it can be easily imported into ManagerPlus Lightning.
  • Set aside time to learn. It is going to take time to learn the system, but you reap massive rewards. Be willing to dedicate time to learning.
  • Think about your future. ManagerPlus Lighting scales with you to any size, but you need to think about what that will look like in your organization. 

For more information, check out this blog post on how to prepare for a successful onboarding.


Pricing | Starting at $255 / month.

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