Want to bring the power of ManagerPlus to your outside data and applications?You’ll love our API.


You may find an existing solution among our plugins or connectors, but for those special cases where you need a custom solution we give you that power with the ManagerPlus API.

With our open API for developers, you eliminate the need for program hopping. Imagine being able to access and review your data all in one spot. How much easier will it be to make critical business decisions for your company if you had everything in one place.
The ManagerPlus API is our solution to integrating ManagerPlus with virtually any other application. It is what controls the programmatic flow of information in and out of ManagerPlus. It uses common integration practices so that other applications can easily talk to ManagerPlus to get data out, put data in or even update data.

Benefits of ManagerPlus API

Maximize Visibility

Bring data together and report across applications.

Eliminate Errors

Replace error-prone manual processes with real-time system integrations.

Improve Utilization

Share data across critical systems to improve utilizations of all applications.

Save Money

React quickly to consolidated and shared data without the need for manual intervention.

There is so much more.
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