How much is reactive maintenance hurting your organization?

Studies have shown repeatedly that there are major savings to be found by implementing a Preventive Maintenance program. Sticking with reactive maintenance can drastically reduce your efficiency and hurt your bottom line. How much? 

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Preventive Maintenance costs on average 27% less than reactive maintenance. That’s money you could be saving. Switch to ManagerPlus Lightning today to start seeing these savings in your organization.


How does ManagerPlus help?

ManagerPlus Lightning helps your Preventive Maintenance on two fronts:

1. Maintenance Schedules. Transition your PM from memory or spreadsheet based maintenance to automated work order generation and notifications when it’s time to do maintenance. This is the difference between Preventive Maintenance theory and PM practice.

2. Maintenance Analytics. Preventive Maintenance gets better when you understand your assets better. This has never been more true than with ManagerPlus Lightning’s advanced asset dashboards that can give you the insights you need to customize your PM schedules to get the best possible efficiency out of your assets.


Who uses a Preventive Maintenance Software?

Research done by the OEERE shows that organizations that switch form a reactive maintenance policy to a Preventive Maintenance program save, on average, 27% on their maintenance budgets. That’s a huge benefit to those looking for a better ROA.

However, Preventive Maintenance software is also incredibly useful to maintenance managers and technicians. It helps managers plan and schedule their work in advance, the number one way to decrease a maintenance budget. It also helps eliminate confusion and simplify work for the technicians and mechanics performing the work orders by giving mobile access, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to work loads.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Creating a Preventive Maintenance plan has never been more rewarding. Use these four simple steps to create your own PM program:

  1. Identify: Find and record all of the assets you want to include in your Preventive Maintenance program. For each asset, create a list of the maintenance that should be performed on each of them on a regular basis.
  2. Automate: Put all of your assets and their maintenance schedules into an asset management platform like ManagerPlus Lightning. Make sure you turn on notifications so you are informed when work orders are generated. 
  3. Implement: Use ManagerPlus Lightning to schedule your PM work orders when they come due and perform the work. Use the ManagerPlus mobile app to track and record the work.
  4. Analyze: Use the advanced dashboards to analyze the work that’s been done. Find new ways to improve your plan.

Pricing | Starting at $255 / month.