What is fleet maintenance management software?

Fleet management software helps companies, government agencies, and other organizations track all aspects of the maintenance process as it relates to their fleets. It manages everything from providing service technicians with step-by-step instructions to perform repairs, to tracking vehicle mileage, to generating inspection logs on-the-fly.

fleet maintenance management software that can be used by any device

Our fleet management software—ManagerPlus Lightning—is designed to help companies in some of the world’s largest industries cut costs and scale for the future by simplifying the everyday challenges of keeping an entire fleet of vehicles running smoothly.

With Lightning's data-rich interface, you can create high-performing teams of operators and service technicians, and discover insights that will help you make strategic business decisions.


Features & benefits



Managing a fleet is hard enough without having to worry about anything being forgotten. Set up workflows to automate routine maintenance assignments and scheduling, then take a load off.



Sometimes, less is more. Preventive Maintenance allows you to minimize downtime, costly repairs, and other unnecessary fines. Upcoming DOT inspections aren't nearly as stressful when you have maintenance software to help keep things rolling.



Stay DOT-compliant. Technicians can log any aspect of a fleet vehicle directly in the work order—mileage, fuel, filters, and more—providing a complete record of Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs).



We’re all in the business of getting better. Our fleet maintenance management software can help you improve your CSA score, and with it, you can increase the confidence your customers and drivers have in you. And that's good for business.

Who uses fleet maintenance management software?

ManagerPlus Lightning has solutions for all types of companies—even those that happen to be in some of the most complex industries, including:



  • Create maintenance logs
  • Save on DOT fines
  • Gain maintenance accountability


  • Maintain vans, trucks, and more
  • Track both vehicles and equipment
  • Get better data from your fleet


  • Track fleet, facilities, and equipment in one location
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Gain operational insights to create transparency


  • Customized asset maintenance schedules
  • Inspect and reduce wear and tear
  • Track work orders more efficiently
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When is the best time to start using fleet maintenance management software?

In short, it's always the best time to make sure your business is equipped with a fleet software solution. Whether you have a fleet of 10 vehicles or 1,000—a fleet solution will help protect you from hefty fines and penalties, unforeseen job delays or service repairs, safety risks, and other operational challenges. It's a matter of positioning your business for success. Here are just a few examples of when having a fleet software solution would help.
managerplus fleet maintenance software helps in reducing cost

Scenario 1: Reducing Costs

An operator calls to report her vehicle has broken down while en route to a customer. Not only could it have been prevented by conducting scheduled repairs, but now you're having to scramble to dispatch another driver.

managerplus fleet maintenance software helps in planning and scheduling of maintenance

Scenario 2: Planning & Scheduling

You receive a phone call from a customer stating the technician never showed up to service their unit. After searching through stacks of paper, you find that the technician was double-booked for that time.

managerplus fleet maintenance software for growth

Scenario 3: Scaling for Growth

Your company recently opened another job site. With more teams and physical assets to track, you realize you need a solution that can handle all the maintenance and inventory that goes along with that. What's more, you need analytics capabilities to help ensure success.

managerplus fleet maintenance software helps in keeping record of asset maintenance

Scenario 4: Getting Compliant

One of your operators was recently pulled over for a minor traffic violation. When he was unable to produce proof of a passing vehicle inspection, you receive a $10,000 fine.

How ManagerPlus Lightning compares to other fleet management solutions


With Lightning, you get the core functionality of a maintenance management software, plus all the capabilities that make this a true asset management platform.


Quickly jump from inventory management to preventive maintenance, then head over to parts forecasting and scheduling. Stay fully connected, anywhere.


Our fleet monitoring software requires minimal IT costs, and updates automatically. Nothing to install, no software to maintain. Access the latest and greatest, all the time.


30/60/90-day onboarding plans are proven to get organizations of all shapes and sizes set up for success. We'll make sure rollout goes as smoothly as possible.


Get performance stats in a snap. Customizable reports show you meantime to failure, inventory reconciliation, work order service item variances, and much more.


ManagerPlus Connectors and API eliminate the need for program-hopping by integrating software applications.


Single site? Multiple? Our solutions deliver unparalleled value. Get the power of EAM software at a fraction of the price. Many of our customers experienced huge cost-savings within the first year with our software.


Need help? Our team of experts is just an email or phone call away. Breathe easy knowing one of our trained support techs is here if you need them.

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Why choose ManagerPlus

“ManagerPlus helps alleviate archaic paper filing and makes searching for items within our fleet less time consuming. It's awesome at keeping track of maintenance history, transferring assets to other departments and many other positives.” 

Kenny B.

City of North Little Rock

“ManagerPlus has helped us start tracking the cost of repairs on our fleet to help us better see where our maintenance dollars are being spent.”

Jerry D.

Dion & Sons

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