Enterprise facilities management software helps companies save time and money by organizing work assignments, building repairs, equipment, and maintenance-related tasks. And with ManagerPlus Lightning, facilities managers can schedule recurring maintenance cycles, keep tabs on backlogged items, track work orders, plus gain insights that will help boost efficiency and reduce costs in the future.


As a facilities manager, staying on top of your day-to-day assignments can be daunting. From replacing office equipment to scheduling facility cleanings and coordinating maintenance work, your to-do list can seem never-ending. Lightning facility management software helps optimize all of these different tasks in a variety of ways.



Backlog with workflow efficiencies


Expenses and stay within budget


Work updates and inventory
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Operations and lighten your load

KPIs for a facilities manager

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help facilities managers measure how well their current processes stack up over time. But to make better facilities decisions, they need better data.

With ManagerPlus Lightning, get at-a-glance performance metrics on the dashboard, so you don’t waste time tracking down the numbers you care about most. Strategic process improvements are that much closer with readily available KPIs at your fingertips:

  • Backlog Work Orders: detailed tracking gives insights into outstanding, noncritical items by helping to identify gaps in machine utilization, staffing, and more.
  • Reactive Maintenance Rate: what portion of your maintenance is a reaction to emergencies or requests? Knowing where to make improvements is the first step to strategic planning.
  • Preventive Maintenance Compliance: how many PM work orders are being completed on time? Set a benchmark and prevent work orders from falling through the cracks. Maintaining high compliance means things are running smoothly.

From the simplest challenges to the most complex, the possibilities are endless with ManagerPlus Lightning


Asset Management

From entire buildings to copiers, track asset health and maintenance all in one place. Collect, integrate, and unify facility and equipment details.


Work Order Management

Keep a full record of all work orders in a simple, searchable history. Auto-generate work orders when maintenance is due, and easily distribute work assignments to staff.


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Organize teams and work schedules along with facility maintenance requirements. Proactive maintenance planning and scheduling is the heart of equipment uptime and getting the most out of assets.


Preventive Maintenance

PM scheduling allows you to set up auto-generated work orders when they come due. Never miss another PM. Preventive maintenance is revolutionized with ManagerPlus.


Inventory Control & Purchasing

Manage parts lists and inventory counts. Because everything is connected, you’ll know when to order more and how much to keep in stock.



Inspections that integrate with maintenance and work orders. Schedule inspections and assign like work orders with a complete history.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

If you can measure it, you can analyze it. Gain insight and clarity into the way your facilities run with easy-to-read dashboards and automated, comprehensive reporting.


Integrations & API

Integrate ManagerPlus Lightning with other FM applications like iOffice or Geotab for more connected facilities management.

Pricing | Starting at $255 / month

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Serving all types of industries



  • Maintain facilities and production lines in one place
  • Automate work orders from request to completion
  • Gain insight into operations through better reporting

Consumer and Professional Services

  • Track all facilities in one central location
  • Record and stay on top of backlog
  • Gain better asset organization and accountability


  • Track fleet, facilities, and equipment in one location.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Gain operational insights to create transparency.

Property Management

  • Multi-site capability for multiple locations
  • Customized KPI’s for different properties
  • Better data for better analysis and decisions

Powerful technology for better facilities insights



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What our customers say

 "I don’t have to use a spreadsheet anymore. Timely maintenance with their corresponding reminders are making my job a lot easier."

Crystal W.

Calexico Maquinado

“We spent a lot of time evaluating the pros and cons of ManagerPlus vs. their competition, and for our needs, I'm totally confident that ManagerPlus was a great choice. All things considered, I've been very happy with this product.”

J. C.

Parco, Inc.

"I am able to look up just about any work order or purchase order with just using a part number. Tech Support at ManagerPlus is always helpful whenever I have questions or issues with the program. I don't have complaints. This system really has everything I need to get the job done. If you are looking for simplicity and organization of your assets, this is the system to use.”

Melissa K.

GM Equipment Rentals