Case Study: Deer Valley Resort


ManagerPlus helps Deer Valley Resort keep labor and maintenance costs down while maximizing equipment uptime.

About Deer Valley: Located in Park City, Utah, Deer Valley Resort has become known for revolutionizing ski area service. Since opening in 1981, they have been committed to providing a level of care rarely found at a ski resort, delivering classic, consistent and quality service both on and off the mountain. With twenty-one chair lifts, fifteen plus buildings and properties, Deer Valley Resort must maintain their facilities in order to effectively and continuously run their business to meet their client's and patron's needs. Up time and maintenance for their lifts, hotels, and properties are imperative to generating customer satisfaction and returning guests.

Deer Valley Resort's goal was to streamline and manage their business more effectively and efficiently. They saw that a move from a paper system to a centralized system was needed to be able to effectively maintain all of their data in one place for increased efficiency. Through their research and investigation of different computer maintenance management software (CMMS), Deer Valley Resort partnered with ManagerPlus to assist them in their efforts and to provide solutions for their ever-growing business needs.

ManagerPlus worked closely with Deer Valley Resort to resolve their following business requirements such as data centralization, tracking historical records for safety compliance, transition from a legacy system and paper model to a digital model, increase inventory visibility, consistent preventive maintenance schedules and maximize equipment uptime.

"ManagerPlus Enterprise keeps us on top of our maintenance and work orders. It helps us keep our labor and maintenance costs down while maximizing our equipment uptime."

With fifteen plus buildings and properties, it was vital for Deer Valley Resort to run on one centralized system to save not only time but money, too. For example, maintenance managers need to know not only what they have on hand as far as inventory is concerned, but know what other facilities have on hand as well. Now they are able to see inventory at all other locations and properties, what they have in stock and what is out to be reordered. Being able to see what other properties have, allows maintenance managers to no longer make duplicate purchases and utilize in-stock items and make timely reorders to maintain consistent inventory levels. Additionally it saves them time and money from having make emergency purchases if the items are in stock. “With Park City being forty five minutes outside of the nearest metropolitan area, it is quicker and more efficient to run over to another location to grab a replacement sink for example, than to have to drive all the way to Salt Lake City to purchase the part or replacement item” says Alissa Hall, Maintenance Administrative/Purchasing Manager. “This has significantly helped our maintenance team keep track and utilize our current inventory”.

Moving from a paper tracking model to digital work orders and recording completed maintenance jobs digitally was another priority for Deer Valley Resort. Moving to the ManagerPlus solution has created a solid book of record for easy look up of past work orders and jobs. ManagerPlus Enterprise allows for the maintenance managers to quickly look up past jobs and the parts and inventory that was used to complete the work for future repairs. “When we had a paper system, it could take a few hours to go back through the files and find the paperwork associated with an old work order or to find previously used parts, vendors or to even find out who completed the job in the first place– now, in a matter of seconds, we can easily pull the work orders and review the scanned and attached invoices, Purchase Orders, etc. This saves the Deer Valley support staff an insurmountable amount of time, which keeps the maintenance repairs moving and job completions on track” continues Alissa.

Deer Valley also wanted to track employees and their associated work orders within the ManagerPlus Enterprise system for increased visibility into labor hours and resource allocation. “Before using Enterprise we weren't able to keep a solid track on who was where and who did what, but now we have better understanding of our labor and the time being spent on maintenance”.

This visibility helps the maintenance managers staff appropriately and better manage maintenance jobs, assist with scheduling for preventive maintenance as well as prep for seasonal work and staff seasonal employees.

Additionally, keeping a record of maintenance being conducted on equipment has helped Deer Valley with predictive maintenance. Keeping a close watch and recording of all maintenance performed has helped diagnose other problems that may be causing the initial maintenance repairs in the first place. “For example if the tread is coming loose on any of the lifts, it maybe a sign of other issues such as incorrect tilt of the wheels, etc. By noticing and tracking these repairs, other maintenance that has been performed has resolved potential problems before they become a serious issue”. This saves Deer Valley from lift downtime which it key to maintaining returning visits to the resort.

Another issue Deer Valley Resort wanted to address was the completion and tracking of a variety of safety checks and regulatory inspections. These inspections must be done in order to maintain a safety compliant status pertaining to their lift and other facility maintenance with the state of Utah. Deer Valley must provide by law documentation to the state of Utah that these inspections are being completed, when they were completed and the frequency of their inspections for proof of compliance. As all of their work orders are tracked within the system, it has made it an easy process to reconcile these safety inspections, by providing when, where and by whom they were completed. Moving away from a manual entry has saved on time and ensures easy compliance.

Another value that Deer Valley was seeking, was extended equipment life. Tracking odometer and oil changes has helped Deer Valley prevent equipment downtime as well prevent future equipment failures. “As continual repairs of boilers, dishwashers, stoves, vehicles, etc. are tracked, we can anticipate that the items are coming to the end of life and can be replaced before they do so”. With the ability to schedule preventive maintenance tasks weekly, monthly and annually, Deer Valley keeps well maintained equipment and buildings.

Deer Valley Resort has been able to resolve many of their business needs through their utilization of a CMMS. They continues to redefine their business processes to become more efficient through the use of technology. With a period of transition from a legacy system and a manual process to a digital process, Deer Valley can now easily pull the needed information from within the system and save time and money. “With ManagerPlus Enterprise, we've been able to better streamline our business and processes to make maintenance management easier on all of our staff members and team” Alissa happily stated.

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