Cutting Maintenance Costs and Improving Efficiency: Envirosystems Inc. Case Study


Paul Beauchamp, Regional Maintenance Manager for the Canada division of Envirosystems Inc., has a simple phrase to sum up the value of ManagerPlus to his operation:

"Collect data once, use it many times."

Beauchamp is responsible for a wide variety of assets--including a fleet of 840 vehicles--that must be maintained properly and kept compliant with regulations. Asset reliability is critical for Envirosystems to achieve their central mission: to clean up hazardous wastes and chemicals for a range of heavy industries, including oil and gas, and government entities.

“For us, the main purpose of ManagerPlus is about being able to determine what we own and where it is. We need to be able to pull work history on trucks and say, ‘this truck was used for this many hours and it cost us this,’” Beauchamp said.

Within his first year of implementing ManagerPlus, Beauchamp has already seen his maintenance costs reduced: tow truck bills have been virtually eliminated because he's more on top of preventive maintenance. He can now easily monitor critical data on costs and asset location, helping him ensure that he's sending the right vehicle to the right job, and determine which vehicles require DOT inspections and which don't. 

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