Case Study : DeFoe Corp


Reducing Preventable Downtime By 50 Percent.

About the Company Since their founding in 1946, DeFoe Corp, a heavy highway contractor specializing in bridges and architectural concrete, has built a reputation for quality work and dependability that has helped them secure high-profile, multi-million dollar contracts. The company serves a wide range of clients, but is best known for reconstruction and rehabilitation projects on highways and bridges throughout the New York Metropolitan Tri-State area. Their ability to complete these major projects on strict timelines, while maintaining full compliance with complex regulatory requirements, has helped them attract business from The New York State Department of Transportation, the Port Authority of NY & NJ, NYC DOT, and the New York State Thruway Authority among others.

In order to win major contracts, DeFoe must consistently complete their projects on tight schedules and within narrow cost parameters. This means that every precaution must be taken to minimize the delays and costs associated with equipment downtime. All inspections, certifications, and services related to government, client, and union regulations must also be kept strictly up to date for every asset in order to avoid fines and delays, and to safeguard DeFoe's reputation as a world-class contractor.

DeFoe partnered with ManagerPlus to streamline their maintenance operations by achieving the following objectives.

+ Minimizing Downtime, Delays, and Costs with Preventive Maintenance
DeFoe operates in rugged environments that push equipment to the limits of durability. Dust, heavy debris, and other hazards can wreak havoc on equipment—particularly small components such as oil and fuel filters, which can easily become clogged and cause engine failure.

ManagerPlus has helped DeFoe reduce these causes of downtime by at least 50 percent by making it easy to schedule and track routine cleanings and replacements of filters and other components. These preventive services are now performed in DeFoe's maintenance shops, helping the company avoid costly delays associated with unexpected failures out on job sites.

“Now I'm not seeing downtime due to preventive maintenance. I can tell a job supervisor in advance when a piece of equipment will need service.”
—Matt Steigmeier, DeFoe Corp, Shop/Fleet Manager

DeFoe can now stay ahead on scheduled work by consolidating preventive maintenance, inspections, certifications and other services. A complete list of these tasks and services can easily be viewed for every piece of equipment in ManagerPlus, making it possible to get more work done when a piece of equipment comes into the shop. This puts DeFoe in better control of their resources and provides them with the flexibility to respond quickly when unexpected issues arise—like when a supervisor takes longer than expected to get a piece of equipment into the shop and they're crunched for time.

“If I have any equipment that comes in for an unforeseen issue, we can check to see when the next scheduled service is. If it's close, we can take care of that too.”
—Matt Steigmeier

Scheduling preventive maintenance in ManagerPlus also helps DeFoe reduce overall repair costs by minimizing catastrophic failures. For example, the company schedules regular retorquing of hub nuts on their fleet of trucks equipped with Rockwell 58,000 LBS rear-ends. These critical services help prevent wheels from walking off their axels under the weight of heavy loads, which can cause severe, costly damage.

+ Simplifying Regulatory Compliance
As a heavy construction contractor, DeFoe must stay current on a wide range of regulations pertaining to equipment maintenance, worker safety, and union rules. Registrations, certifications, and inspections must all be consistently scheduled and tracked in order to avoid lapses that can result in costly downtime, fines that can reach up to $5-10k per incident, and damage to DeFoe's reputation as a reliable, safety conscious contractor. DeFoe uses the scheduling functionality in ManagerPlus to streamline these regulatory services and tasks, ensuring that everything is completed on time. All documentation related to these regulations—including historical maintenance and inspections—can be attached to equipment records in ManagerPlus, and emailed directly to clients and regulatory officials from the system.

DeFoe's cranes, for example, must be kept in compliance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety codes, state regulations, manufacturer recommendations, OSHA, and NYC Department of Buildings Crane & Derick Division regulations, which together require a battery of daily and monthly inspections, as-needed services, and specific checks that must be performed when a crane is first put into service. Falling behind on any of these inspections and services can lead to costly downtime as union crane operators will not risk losing their license by operating a machine that is not certified. Most importantly, staying current on these and other regulations is critical for the safety of operators, worksites, and the general public.

With ManagerPlus, DeFoe now gets reminders a month before these inspections are due to ensure that they are completed on deadline, and manufacturer documents can be attached directly to asset records in ManagerPlus, making it easy for mechanics to find information they need on the equipment they're working on without having to waste time tracking it down. And the system will also automatically generate detailed checklists to ensure no component is overlooked.

“ManagerPlus takes the guess work out of what the mechanics are doing and gives them the tools to be more efficient.”
—Matt Steigmeier

As the inspections are completed in ManagerPlus, historical records are automatically generated and attached to the crane records in the system. Once the certification certificate comes back from the regulators, it can also be uploaded and attached to the crane records, keeping everything in one place and avoiding the mess and confusion of paper files and spreadsheets.

Regulatory information is thus accurate, consistent, and easy to find in ManagerPlus. Everything that DeFoe needs to know about their assets is just a few clicks away.

Industry: Heavy Construction/Infrastructure 
Size: 350 employees
Product: ManagerPlus Enterprise Desktop
Modules: Notify, Export Module, Reporting Plus
Assets: tractors, trailers, dump trucks, rolloff trucks, flatbeds, water trucks, box trucks, pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, loaders, track and rubber excavators, attenuator trucks, message boards, arrow boards, light towers, boom lifts, scissor lifts, rough terrain cranes, dozers, and more.

Over the course of their five year partnership with ManagerPlus, DeFoe has taken their maintenance operations to an elite level. Their highly organized, forward-thinking approach keeps their assets in top condition, and fully compliant with myriad regulations. As a result, they are able to complete jobs within narrow deadlines and tight budgets, bolstering their reputation as a leader and innovator in the heavy construction industry.

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