Deer Valley Resort to Be Featured in Leisure and Hospitality International Magazine


Deer Valley

ManagerPlus is pleased to announce that our long-time client Deer Valley Resort will be featured in a forthcoming issue of Leisure and Hospitality International Magazine, a leading trade publication for executives in the travel industry.

Located in Park City, Utah, Deer Valley Resort is a world-class destination for skiers, and offers year-round accommodations for vacationers of all kinds. The resort is comprised of over 15 facilities and surrounding properties, including lodgings, numerous restaurants and shops, ski runs, and more. For over five years, Deer Valley Resort has used ManagerPlus Enterprise to streamline and optimize the maintenance and care of these facilities.

Leisure and Hospitality International Magazine profiles provide an opportunity for a companies like Deer Valley Resort to offer insight into their business philosophy, including the expectations of their customers and how they approach meeting and exceeding them. Past profiles of other companies have included plans for expansion or remodeling, and discussion of competitive strategy. The Deer Valley profile will feature an exclusive interview with the resort's president and general manager, Robert Wheaton.

Since implementing ManagerPlus Enterprise in 2007, Deer Valley Resort has been able to increase visibility across all maintenance operations, providing employees with everything they need to keep facilities in world-class condition in a timely, efficient manner.

Alissa Hall, Maintenance Administrator/Purchasing Manager for Deer Valley, said that ManagerPlus Enterprise enabled them to move away from a paper-based system, helping them cut down on administrative costs and creating a solid book of record for regulatory compliance.

Hall said, "When we had a paper system, it could take a few hours to go back through the files and find the paperwork associated with an old work order or to find previously used parts, vendors or to even find out who completed the job in the first place– now we can easily pull in a matter of seconds the work order(s) and review the scanned and attached invoices, Pos, etc. This saves the Deer Valley support staff an insurmountable amount of time, which keeps the maintenance repairs moving and job completions on track."

For more on how Deer Valley Resort uses ManagerPlus Enterprise to streamline operations, read the full case study here.

ManagerPlus would like to extend its congratulations to Deer Valley Resort for their forthcoming profile, we're looking forward to it!



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