The Philosophy of ManagerPlus: Part 2

The Strength in Assets Here at ManagerPlus, we claim we are the #1 Asset Management Solution. It’s not a claim we make lightly. That’s why we started this series to explain what sets us apart from...

The Philosophy of ManagerPlus... and Why You Should Care

We make the claim that we are the #1 Asset Management Solution. It’s on our marketing materials. It’s on our website. It’s a statement we stand behind. But, to understand why we make this bold...

Introducing the New and Improved ManagerPlus Learning Center

This week, we wanted to give you an introduction to our new and improved Learning Center. We’ve been working behind the scenes to update the way you learn about ManagerPlus. It is easy to use,...
by Jason Lee In Asset Management, CMMS, Upgrade, Events, Product News Posted April 16, 2019

The Game Changer - 3 Simple Steps to Upgrade to the Cloud

What if we told you that you could upgrade the power, features, and capability of your ManagerPlus Software? Sounds cool, right? Now what if we told you that we made it into a very easy 3 step...

The Extreme Importance of an API with CMMS

The era of software communication is here. Enter the API, which stands for Application Program Interface. Just like the title implies it assists a variety of different programs to interface and...

Mobile CMMS Applications

Can your Mobile CMMS work in an offline or disconnected state? Just because you’re not connected to the internet does not mean your employees must stop using your maintenance software.  If your...
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