Join us. Love where you work.

One of the best ways to love your job is to work for a company that loves its customers. Having a genuine focus on customer success creates an atmosphere where teamwork, collaboration, and continuous improvement can really be seen and felt. Employees stick around at ManagerPlus because the mission is clear and the rewards come from customer happiness, internal camaraderie, and the empowerment to do the job right.

ManagerPlus is a reputable, growing company offering opportunities for personal growth, professional advancement, and the chance to directly contribute to a great solution. We respect your after-work life, provide a strong benefits package, all in a professional, friendly environment. If you’re looking for a place to work that’s as good as you are, we’d love to meet!


Providing a culture of opportunity.


Providing a culture of employee engagement.


Providing a culture of giving back.

People are at the center of what we do,
here are the words of a few of our team members.

  • Theresa Swearngin
    Theresa Swearngin Account Manager Team Lead

    ManagerPlus is an amazing place to work for numerous reasons, first and foremost, the culture of the organization thrives on valuing employees through recognition programs and regular incentives. At ManagerPlus, I am not just an employee, I am a part of a wonderful group of people who really care about each other, our customers and the overall success of the company.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Account Executive

    At ManagerPlus, each employee is dedicated to the success of our customers and singularly focused on making each customer experience a positive one. Across departments, our internal focus is helping each other meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers and ensuring that each person is successful in their position within the company. The family-oriented events sponsored by our Health+Wellness committee, give us an opportunity to interact with each other out of the office and develop friendships with our co-workers.

  • Mindy Graham
    Mindy Graham Sr. Customer Success Manager

    What makes ManagerPlus stand out is how much they support and believe in their staff.  We are driven and operate in a way that makes collective goals a priority while still focusing on personal growth and success. The management team is also very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process. Customer Success is my passion and I get to use this passion while personally onboarding our clients.

Our Team

  • Samuel Ames
    Samuel Ames Technical Support
  • Seth Anderson
    Seth Anderson Account Executive
  • Ezra Andrews
    Ezra Andrews Customer Success Manager
  • Robert Bozman
    Robert Bozman Sr. Software Developer
  • Robert Brady
    Robert Brady Technical Support
  • Brandon Butterfield
    Brandon Butterfield VP Marketing
  • Colton Chacon
    Colton Chacon Account Administrator
  • Mike Cherry
    Mike Cherry Marketing Manager
  • Kristi Christensen
    Kristi Christensen Reception
  • Lisa Christensen
    Lisa Christensen Office Manager
  • Grant Christensen
    Grant Christensen CSMO
  • Tanner Clark
    Tanner Clark Content Manager
  • Alex Condie
    Alex Condie Account Executive
  • Amy Conrad
    Amy Conrad Marketing Development Rep
  • Craig Cossairt
    Craig Cossairt JR. PRODUCT MANAGER
  • Melinda Dea-Dyches
    Melinda Dea-Dyches Customer Experience Rep
  • Dan Demarchi
    Dan Demarchi Customer Success Manager
  • Jaime Espinoza
    Jaime Espinoza Software Tester
  • Mike Flanders
    Mike Flanders Technical Support Manager
  • Peggy Frazier
    Peggy Frazier Director of Support & Training Services
  • Christina Fullbright
    Christina Fullbright Sr. Engineer
  • Evelyn Evergreene
    Evelyn Evergreene Dev Ops Engineer
  • Bruce Gagnard
    Bruce Gagnard Account Executive
  • Jordan Garner
    Jordan Garner Account Manager
  • Jon Gibson
    Jon Gibson Jr. Software Developer
  • Mindy Graham
    Mindy Graham Sr. Customer Success Manager
  • Cody Gray
    Cody Gray Product Manager
  • Seth Green
    Seth Green Jr. Product Manager
  • Susan Greer
    Susan Greer Solutions Engineer
  • Brandon Gunn
    Brandon Gunn Account Executive
  • Matthew Hender
    Matthew Hender Account Manager
  • Ben Jacobs
    Ben Jacobs Technical Support
  • Jose Jara
    Jose Jara Software Developer
  • Ian Jensen
    Ian Jensen Technical Support
  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Automation Engineer
  • Glen Kingston
    Glen Kingston Cloud Development Manager
  • Nate Kirkham
    Nate Kirkham Sr. Customer Experience Rep
  • Nate Korous
    Nate Korous Software Developer
  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Content Manager
  • Andrew Love
    Andrew Love VP Smart Innovations
  • Tim Marini
    Tim Marini Jr. Dev Ops
  • Matthew Miess
    Matthew Miess Automation Engineer
  • Doug Myers
    Doug Myers Account Executive
  • Sterling Nisson
    Sterling Nisson Marketing Development Rep
  • Terri Parker
    Terri Parker Customer Success Manager
  • Brandon Peterson
    Brandon Peterson Sr. Solutions Engineer
  • Gil Querubin
    Gil Querubin Web App Developer
  • Braden Reed
    Braden Reed Technical Support
  • Daniel Rigby
    Daniel Rigby Sr. Customer Experience Rep
  • Daniel Rimmasch
    Daniel Rimmasch Marketing Development Rep
  • Saim Saddiqui
    Saim Saddiqui Research Analyst
  • Douglas Sass
    Douglas Sass CRM Developer & Admin
  • Austin Schofield
    Austin Schofield Marketing Coordinator
  • Greg Shelley
    Greg Shelley Automation Engineer
  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith CTO
  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith Technical Support
  • Loren Spoklie
    Loren Spoklie Customer Success, Team Lead
  • Theresa Swearngin
    Theresa Swearngin Account Manager, Team Lead
  • Tyson Taylor
    Tyson Taylor Controller
  • Mathew Thacker
    Mathew Thacker Solutions Engineer
  • Brent Thompson
    Brent Thompson Sales Operations Manager
  • Roderick Threats
    Roderick Threats Technical Support
  • Isaac Ward
    Isaac Ward Technical Support
  • Matt Weese
    Matt Weese Account Executive
  • Mike Wesemann
    Mike Wesemann Quality Assurance Director
  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Account Executive
  • Heather Willits
    Heather Willits Account Manager
  • Shawn Winterbottom
    Shawn Winterbottom Sr. Software Developer
  • Rodney Worch
    Rodney Worch Account Manager

A few reasons why ManagerPlus is a
great place to work.


  • Family medical, dental and vision plans
  • 401(k) plan – company match
  • Life insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Holidays and paid time off
  • Direct deposit
  • Online employee self-service center
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)


  • Birthday Gift
  • Fruit Fridays
  • Heath & Wellness Lunches
  • Annual Awards Dinner
  • Summer Family BBQ
  • Holiday Family Party
  • Seasonal Family Events
  • Company Sponsors Sports Activities
  • Casual Work Enviornment
  • Company Swag
  • Employee Appreciation Activities

Current Openings:

At ManagerPlus, we are always looking for great people, with particular interest in sales, support, and software development.

If you’ve got drive + enthusiasm + team-spirit + a customer-centric attitude + skills that will contribute to our team, and most importantly, Customer Success— we’d love to hear from you.

If you require accessibility assistance when applying for an open position at ManagerPlus Solutions, LLC., please contact us at 800.730.9965 during regular business hours.

Come be part of the team!

Come and be part of the team.

  • " What makes ManagerPlus stand out is how much they support and believe in their staff. We are team driven and operate in a way that makes collective goals a priority while still focusing on personal growth and success.  The management team is also very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process."

    Peggy Frazier Director of Support & Training Services