ReportingPlus Module

Create custom reports for your organization.

The ReportingPlus module gives you an incredible amount of flexibility to transform raw data into meaningful, and actionable, information.

The ReportingPlus Module contains two parts: Flex Reports and Report Designer. Flex Reports allows the non-technical user the ability to modify and manipulate existing Flex Reports reports, while Report Designer provides the technical user a full-featured report creation platform.

Flex Reports

Flex Reports allow the ability to quickly create alternative views of reports within ManagerPlus maintenance software. Making simple adjustments to a report's content and organization is easy with Flex Reports, even for the non-technical user. Once you have completed your adjustments to a report, you can save this new report view to access later.

Flex View Designer's Grid-Style workspace.

Report Designer

For the advanced user familiar with Report Writing, SQL (Structured Query Language) and Object Oriented Programming, Report Designer provides complete control over the format and content of ManagerPlus reports.

Design entirely new reports from scratch, and preview report output as you design it. You can see how the report looks in print, then adjust individual report elements as needed to make the report as effective as possible.

More Information

Contact your ManagerPlus Sales Associate to add ReportingPlus to your ManagerPlus Enterprise Installation.


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