ManagerPlus Modules allow you to extend the features of your ManagerPlus product.


ManagerPlus Modules

Our optional add-on modules for both ManagerPlus Desktop and Cloud offer new ways to integrate 3rd party systems, monitor and manage your assets, and integrate with your broader workforce.

These additions also allow you to review and report on the data throughout your organization, so you can keep a close eye on every aspect of the business.

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Available Modules

  • Work Requests

    Unlimited requests, unlimited users - with this powerful work request tool

    Available for: desktop & cloud

  • Dashboard

    Visualize your business operation at a glance

    Available for: desktop

  • Meter Tracking

    Automatically pull data into ManagerPlus from 3rd party applications.

    Available for: desktop & cloud

  • Asset Tracking

    With Asset Tracking you'll never again have to wonder where your tools and equipment are assigned.

    Available for: desktop & cloud

  • ReportingPlus

    Create custom reports for your organization.

    Available for: desktop

  • M+ Mobile

    Track and manage your work orders from your smart phone, tablet or handheld.

    Available for: desktop & cloud

  • Notify

    Get automated maintenance alerts by text or email.

    Available for: desktop & cloud

  • Invoicing

    Easily create invoices from within ManagerPlus

    Available for: desktop & cloud

What our customers are saying


ManagerPlus is helping us reduce the burden of signing and filing of over 12,000 documents per year. This is because ManagerPlus products are validated, which means we are no longer required to maintain paper copies of all of our maintenance activities.

—Tony Powell, Maintenance Manager
   Aphena Pharma Solutions

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We track the maintenance of hundreds of vehicles and equipment. We are able to print out information for the owners such as frequency of services, brake work, clutch and brake adjustments, etc. We always know the cost of parts, repairs and the maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment per division.

—Jerry Rulon, Maintenance Division Manager
   Table Rock Asphalt Construction Co.

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ManagerPlus provides a range of powerful asset management tools, each one designed to streamline your overall operational efficiency and help increase profitability. Take a look at our available options or contact us to learn more.