The power of ManagerPlus, in an easy, access-from-anywhere web-based hosted solution. No IT implementation required.

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ManagerPlus Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for maintenance management.

Access the application from anywhere with a connection to the Internet, any time, any place. ManagerPlus Cloud allows you instant access to a powerful maintenance management software package, with no complicated installation or IT involvement. The monthly service fee means lower up-front costs — pay only for what you need.

Three Editions — Small Business, Corporate, or Enterprise — provide the right mix of capabilities and price for your operation. We'd love to provide a quote for you today.

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Hosted / Web-Based

With ManagerPlus Cloud you have access to a powerful maintenance management application from any location. No installation or IT hassles, your full maintenance management software is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Maintenance Scheduling

Proactive maintenance scheduling is at the heart of improving your equipment uptime and asset life. With MangerPlus you can quickly and easily schedule and review recurring maintenance tasks.

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Work Order Management

Automatically generate work orders when maintenance is due, and easily distribute work orders to your staff. You'll reduce the time needed to administer work requests and improve your asset performance.

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Asset Tracking

If it can be maintained, counted or sold it can be tracked with ManagerPlus. Our system helps you manage and maintain your assets with simplicity + power. Track equipment, facilities, vehicles, components — anything that requires maintenance.

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Inventory Control

Ensure that you have the parts on hand for your planned maintenance through parts forecasting. This can be a huge time-saver, and keep you from both expensive overstocking, and maintenance delays from parts availability problems.

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Purchase Orders / Budgeting

Our system helps you tie together parts, work orders and assets in a solid “book of record” that can even help you identify your best performing vendors.

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You get the detailed, day-by-day analytical reporting for PMs, work orders etc. But, ManagerPlus also gives you the important top-level data to help you uncover efficiencies. And, ManagerPlus can report on any, just a few, or all of your locations at the same time. You'll gain new actionable insights that help you improve the bottom line.

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ManagerPlus Cloud Benefits

ManagerPlus Cloud allows you instant access to a powerful maintenance management software package, with no complicated installation or IT involvement. The monthly service fee means lower up-front costs — pay only for what you need.

cloud benefits

Cloud Interface - Intuitive Powerful Software

Intuitive Interface

You'll be up and running in no time — assets, work orders, purchasing, and more are just a click away. ManagerPlus Cloud is hosted on the web but feels like a Windows product

Intuitive Interface

Asset View

Asset view allows you to configure your asset lists by location, category and asset type, etc. Lists can be configured with customized fields.

Asset Views

Asset Details

Manage your asset details, in one solid book of record, such as make, model, PM schedules, parts, work history, file attachments and much more.

Asset Details

Work Orders

Manage a variety of work orders, emergency, preventive maintenance, work requests, etc. Easily keep track of all work performed and their associated costs.

Work Orders

PM Scheduling

View all of your schedules coming due in one quick and easy place. See outstanding work orders, upcoming work orders and to better help plan resources and labor.

PM Scheduling


Track stocked and non-stocked parts more effectively. View parts for multiple warehouses and locations or vendors. Manage stocking levels and receive automated alerts for low inventory levels.


Analytical Reports

Easily analyze your data for better operational visibility and increased business efficiency. Automated reporting and alerts. All reports exportable to variety of file formats such as excel, PDF, etc.

Analytical Reports
intuitive interface
asset view
asset details
work orders
PM scheduling
analytical reporting

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With ManagerPlus Cloud you can:


The ManagerPlus Cloud Solution: Lots of power, in an easy-to-use package.

Whether you need to know when the next oil change is due on truck #17 of your fleet, or if a piece of equipment's current value justifies its repair cost—ManagerPlus Cloud can do it all. And while we've made certain ManagerPlus is powerful and feature-rich—we've not sacrificed ease-of-use. In fact, it's the best feature.

ManagerPlus Cloud Features

ManagerPlus Cloud has a host of features and powerful capabilities that will give you new insight to your maintenance management process. Choose the edition that works best for you. Upgrade any time.

small businesscorporateenterprise 
333asset details (one screen view of full profile, including costs, make, module, child assets, etc.)
333customizable asset lists (configure the way you view your assets/equipment)
333configurable asset categories (define your company’s assets by category)
333asset photos (attach photos to each asset)
333document attachments (all file types supported)
333predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling
333meter tracking by types (e.g. hours, cycles, miles, fuel, or any customizable meter type)
333part linking (link parts to assets)
 33asset depreciation (straightline)
333group preventive maintenance scheduling (the ability to mass assign maintenance schedules )
  3warranty tracking and asset components (track installation dates, warranties of installed inventory items, and view warranty reminders alerts)
333configurable asset status (e.g. inactive, active, sold, etc.)
 33tree-level grouping (define your company’s organizational structure)
333quick review of work order history (see recent work history on asset profile)
333schedule preventive maintenance (log values such as days, months, hours, miles, fuel usage, high temperatures and low pressures can trigger work orders)
small businesscorporateenterprise 
333work order details (one screen view including, notes, parts, labor, etc.)
 33inspections module (for quick and easy routine inspections that can trigger work orders based off failures)
333file attachments (attach specifications, photos, repair manuals, etc. )
333configurable work types (e.g. preventive, emergency, inspections, etc.)
333configurable failure codes (e.g. electrical, mechanical, user error, etc.)
   mass record modification work orders (update multiple work orders in a single step)
 33work order/purchase orders integration (associate work orders with purchase orders )
333customizeable work order processes (configure workflows to match business processes )
333service items (create predefined and custom task list(s)
333other costs (track additional work order costs, e.g. shipping charges, taxes, etc.)
333actual vs. estimated parts and labor costs (view discrepancies of part costs, labor costs and labor hours)
small businesscorporateenterprise 
333inventory details (one screen view of recent inventory usage including preferred vendors, stocking levels, bin location, etc. )
 33stocking levels (set inventory levels to determine reorders )
333non-stock inventory
333alternate parts
333file attachments (attach part specification documents, technical drawings, images, etc. )
333consumable inventory (gloves, cleaning supplies, safety supplies, etc. )
333inventory photos (attach photos to inventory )
 33costing methods (LIFO, FIFO, rolling average or last cost)
 33inventory forecasting
233multiple and preferred vendors
  3warranty tracking
  3multiple inventory locations (e.g. sites, warehouses, bins, etc.)
small businesscorporateenterprise 
 33purchase order details (one screen view for all PO information)
 33suggested PO’s based on stocking levels
 33parts backorder options
 33system generated PO numbers
 33internal PO numbers
 33configurable PO status (create authorization levels, and max spending limits or approvals)
 33line item budget assignment (e.g. cost codes, GL accounts, etc.)
 33purchase order file attachments (all file types supported)
 33purchase order and work order integration
 33quick historical purchase order lookup
 33part returns, multiple invoices per PO, credit memos
 33print bar code labels right from PO module for received parts
small businesscorporateenterprise 
333standard reporting (e.g. work details, cost history, asset summary, etc.)
 33enhanced reporting capabilities (e.g. additional reports )
  3comprehensive reporting package (industry specific and detailed reports for increased operational visibility and trending analytics)
333save favorites search criteria(s)
333print or export to Excel, PDF, CSV and Word
333formatted print screen capabilities
 33custom report lists
333extensive report filtering options
small businesscorporateenterprise 
333customized to your industry
333industry renowned user interface
333Microsoft SQL database
 33role-based security
333configurable list views
333create and save favorite search criteria
 33budget and expense tracking
 33M+ Label Management (quickly scan parts, work orders and assets—eliminating manual entry lookkup)
333spell check
  3multiple entity/location support
333unlimited user defined fields
333multi-language user interface (available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese)
  33rd-party application integration capabilities (e.g. accounting, GPS, etc. )
333field localization (localization of any field for any country specific formatting, e.g., currencies, dates, language characters, etc. )
333custom interface skins
 33audit trail (track changes applied to any record within the system for increased visibility)
small businesscorporateenterprise 
333employee tracking (full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.)
233vendor tracking (full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.)
233employee certifications
333employee photos
333file attachments for all contact types
 33vendor credit memos

3 = includes feature
2 = Optional Feature

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Cloud Editions

We offer three ManagerPlus Cloud Editions so you're sure to find one that fits your requirements.

Small Business

Plans starting at just $25/user


/user /month*
(billed annually)

Includes the following features


  • Work Orders
  • Asset Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Parts List
  • Meter Tracking


Plans starting at just $65/user


/user /month*
(billed annually)

Includes the Small Business features plus


  • Budgeting
  • Inventory/Purchasing
  • Enhanced Security
  • Depreciation
  • Customer Tracking
  • Inspections


Plans starting at just $125/user


/user /month*
(billed annually)

Includes the Small Business and Corporate features plus


  • Additional Reporting
  • Parts Warranty Tracking
  • Multi-Site/Entity Support
  • Warehouse Distribution

Extend the power of ManagerPlus with our optional modules.

With ManagerPlus you can upgrade to a more advanced version anytime, so you'll never outgrow the system.

Plus, with our optional add-on modules offer new ways to integrate 3rd party systems, monitor and manage your assets, and integrate with your broader workforce. These additions also allow you to review and report on the data throughout your organization, so you can keep a close eye on every aspect of the business.

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