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ManagerPlus Attending the National Facilities Management and Technology Show (NFMT) March 12-14th

ManagerPlus will be attending the National Facilities Management and Technology Show (NFMT) March 12-14th, the largest gathering of facility mangers, building owners, maintenance managers, property managers, construction/engineering managers, energy managers and other facilities management professionals in the United States. It’s a dynamic, interactive facilities conference and product expo that delivers new ideas, best practices, and career-boosting inspiration. With a free educational program that serves the needs of beginning FMs to the most savvy veterans, Mark March 12-14th, 2013 on your calendar and join ManagerPlus in Baltimore this spring! If you’d like to set an appointment to meet with ManagerPlus, please email marketing@managerplus.com today and we will get you a complimentary VIP show pass. For further information about this show, click here.

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Better Preventive Maintenance Helps Stretch District Budgets

Large organizations like school districts have a challenge in maintaining the physical facilities that serve students in their communities. Most districts have a lot of buildings (not just schools) to maintain, often on budgets that fluctuate with legislative mood and with systems that are often outdated and inefficient. To compensate, administrators are forced to find ways to save wherever they can, and one place to find significant savings is in maintenance budgets, where preventive measures can extend the life of equipment and reduce repair budgets. Continue reading

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Join ManagerPlus in Sunny Florida for Our Upcoming Enterprise Training Seminar!

Join us in Key Largo, Florida and get great tips, tools, and information to get the most out of ManagerPlus Enterprise.

You and your peers will learn:

  • You’ll learn how to improve your department’s productivity
  • See how to create effective reports
  • Discover how ManagerPlus can help you relieve maintenance management stress, improve your bottom line, and more.
  • Plus, you’ll have time to address your specific database questions with our staff of experts, and learn from your fellow attendees.

Click here to learn more.

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How Preventive Maintenance Increases Mining Operations Safety

The expense of preventative maintenance is a worthwhile investment when the costs of lost productivity and human injury are brought into the equation. Reliability of mining equipment translates into more value derived from that equipment over time, with fewer costs associated with it, both human and financial.

The Cost of Defensive Maintenance

Too many mining operations are simply playing defense when it comes to equipment maintenance; inspections are done on an irregular basis, and repairs occur only after an asset in the equipment fleet breaks down. Every hour that a machine is down for maintenance or repair is an hour during which it isn’t drilling, hauling or digging, and that downtime is usually longer for major failures. All the while, that equipment is depreciating in value as well. Minimizing downtime through a proactive maintenance routine can help maximize profit per ton. Continue reading

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Efficient Hospital Maintenance Through Evidence-based Planning

Maintenance programs, good or bad, have a ripple effect on all other parts of an organization. But nowhere are those effects so clear in their impact on people as in hospital maintenance and operations. In a regimented healthcare environment such as a hospital or a clinic, the maintenance of the care environment has a direct impact on the well-being of patients and their health outcomes.

Facilities managers for hospitals or clinics face several concerns on the way to their goal of providing a clean, safe environment for healthcare professionals and their patients. Often, they are responsible for maintaining expensive medical devices, maintaining inventory for various departments and handling the day-to-day operations of the facility itself. Without a robust system for tracking the data related to these critical interests, managers will find it hard to make evidence-based decisions that lead to better outcomes for all of the hospital’s interests. Continue reading

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Most Common OSHA Maintenance Violations

Equipment maintenance isn’t just a matter of protecting your capital investment or preventing future costs; it’s about protecting your workers and customers from harm. That’s why OSHA regulations are so strict, because their enforcement has actually reduced the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Not surprisingly, many of the same workplace dangers keep cropping up, so a lot of companies find themselves getting citations in the following areas. Continue reading

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Perfecting Casino Customer Experience through Preventative Maintenance

Squeezing ever more efficiency out of your operations is a never-ending process for any business, but for hotels and casinos, the challenge is multiplied by the variety of services being offered to customers. And with so much to mange, there is a magnified opportunity for things to go wrong that turn customers off and degrade the overall impression that you want visitors to when they walk out the door. Continue reading

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Preventative Maintenance Principles Every Business Should Follow

In competitive industries, sometimes the best way to out-perform the competition is to run a lean operation. And since a huge part of any budget is tied up in maintenance and materials, becoming “lean” requires breaking down those parts of your business to spot the inefficiencies. The real question when it comes to operational costs, however, is how much time, money and labor in your current maintenance budget is wasted, and how can you increase efficiency to drive down those costs?

The answers are complex. But as with most business management problems, achieving efficiency in maintenance has a lot to do with following sound principles. The principles that matter most, I think, are those that have to do with organizing the information that your entire system is based on so that you can then make data-driven decisions that can cut waste and work out of the way your company does maintenance altogether. Continue reading

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ManagerPlus is a Solid Solution for the Mining Industry

ManagerPlus provides a solid solution for the mining industry, and through the utilization of a computer maintenance management system, companies increase equipment uptime, better manage their schedule and preventative maintenance all while sustaining regulatory compliance and creating a safe environment for their workforce. With ManagerPlus in place companies often comment that they are able to decrease operational costs by scheduling maintenance – and with automated alerts and notification it is easy to stay organized. With equipment being properly maintained- companies reduce catastrophic failures and emergency repairs and ensure maximum uptime. Additionally through tracking maintenance, and performed work, companies create a solid book of record for easy data reconciliation and compliance. With everything being tracked in a centralized database allows for easy reporting and report submission. When equipment is maintained properly, it creates a safe work environment for employees. Often times- injury can happen on the job due to improper safety training and poorly maintained equipment and supplies. Track employee safety trainings and certifications, equipment maintenance as well as inventory and supplies easily with ManagerPlus. Click here to watch a quick video to learn more about ManagerPlus and how to better maintain equipment through an effective maintenance management solution.

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Register Now for the Upcoming Pro Seminar in Dallas to Receive Special Early Bird Discount Prices!

This is the last week you can register to receive early bird discount pricing (ends Friday Sept 7th)! Register now and join us in Dallas Texas for an insightful and helpful Pro training. Learn to maximize your Pro experience with helpful and useful tips and tricks. Click here for further information and be sure to check back on this blog for the latest and greatest of ManagerPlus.

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