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The Importance of CMMS in the Agriculture Industry

In honor of National Agriculture Day, the maintenance experts at ManagerPlus have put together an overview of how a strong Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can dramatically improve efficiencies, increase uptime, reduce cost, increase safety, and simplify regulatory compliance in the agriculture industry.

Mounting cost pressures due to rapidly changing weather and temperatures, an increasingly globalized marketplace, and other factors, are forcing agricultural professionals to reduce inefficiencies in every facet of their business. A CMMS solution can ensure that they are maximizing ROI on machinery, equipment, facilities, etc. and, with a full slate of scheduling and predictive maintenance features, guarantee a more streamlined process.

Minimize Downtime

As the old cliché goes, “Time is Money,” but in agriculture, that may be an understatement. Agricultural professionals must often work within extremely narrow time Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Highlights Facilities Management Imperatives Ahead of NFMT Show

There is just one day left until the NFMT tradeshow in Baltimore, and the ManagerPlus team is excited to give attendees a first-hand look at our easy-to-use, powerful software products. Proper, routine maintenance is key to ensuring that facilities are functioning at an optimum level. This show will provide us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how our solution is designed to help facilities managers and maintenance teams streamlining work orders, work requests, preventive maintenance schedules and to easily simplify regulatory compliance. Here is a brief overview of some of the main features our product:

Streamlined Work Orders

ManagerPlus is a powerful solution that enables companies to easily manage their work orders and schedules. Facilities managers and maintenance professionals must manage the countless complex issues that arise from a range of systems, machines and processes, including everything from HVAC systems to plumbing and electrical wiring-and, if needed, the mechanics, repairmen and contractors who specialize in each. ManagerPlus simplifies these processes by automating work orders that are part of a facility’s routine maintenance schedule, and by providing an easy-to-use platform for submitting work requests when unanticipated events crop up. The result is a clear, coherent system that reduces the paperwork and scheduling that can clutter a facility professional’s day and prevent them from attending to other important matters. Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Looks Forward to a Big 2013

ManagerPlus held its first all-hands company meeting of the year today to discuss the rapid growth ManagerPlus has experienced to date, and to recognize the outstanding performance of key members of the ManagerPlus team.

ManagerPlus is committed to continually enhancing the ManagerPlus product line to better serve our customers, and we are excited to report a variety of  product enhancements currently underway that are poised for release this year. Testing on the new robust features and updates has been highly successful thus far and are proven to be a solid value add for end users.

ManagerPlus is breaking ground in a variety of industries with new customers who are taking advantage of the power behind the ManagerPlus CMMS solution.  We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to create powerful, efficient solutions for their business needs, and each new partnership drives innovation and keeps us ahead of the curve within the CMMS industry.

The ManagerPlus team wishes you the best in 2013—check back here throughout the year for the latest tips, features, and new product developments!


The ManagerPlus team is looking forward to their best year yet in 2013!


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10 Tips to Keep Your Fleet on the Road

Whether you’re managing a handful of cars and trucks or an entire fleet of diverse vehicles, the success or failure of your maintenance program (and therefore your budget) is dependent on the little details. If they aren’t already, these 10 items should be part of your comprehensive fleet management checklist.

Essential Fleet Maintenance Tasks

  1. Eliminate paper work orders. Once the number of vehicles being managed extends beyond a handful, the maintenance scheduling can quickly become a full-time job in and of itself. If you’re using software for fleet management that is still largely paper-based in the field, you’re not getting the full tracking ability to keep things on schedule and analyze patterns to correct preventive maintenance plans. A fully automated system lets you track every aspect of fleet management, inventory and budget under one dashboard. Continue reading
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Automating Maintenance Scheduling to Ensure USDA Compliance

Cleanliness is a clear and present factor in the minds of most managers who oversee facilities where food-prep or service is part of their operations. But maintenance often takes a back seat to cleaning, when really they should go hand in hand. And too many facilities are relying on antiquated, labor-intensive systems to just to maintain the work orders and scheduling.

A small operation can get away with manual maintenance tasks and work orders to maintain facilities and remain in compliance with sanitation guidelines. But if you are managing a restaurant, a hospital, a school or similar facility, managing schedules of regular cleaning and maintenance simply becomes unwieldy without CMMS software that automates those important tasks. And complying with necessary food safety and sanitation requirements will be nearly impossible with a manual system. Continue reading

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How Preventative Maintenance Records Reduced One Company’s Liability

There has been a raft of bad accidents in the news lately related to systemic failures in maintenance. Property damage, injury and even death have resulted from negligence on the part of companies that should have known better.

Here are just a few examples:

An Austrian rail company’s trains collided in Italy due to faulty maintenance. The company was set to close its maintenance depot in Salzburg after outsourcing that work on its train cars, a move that they have now backtracked on. The firm is in even more trouble after it was discovered that there are maintenance problems with up to 2,000 of its freight cars. The company has since been banned from using that equipment in Italy. Continue reading

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Improving Scheduled Maintenance to Ensure Mining Safety

Mining safety should always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, from the operators all the way back to the office staff. From 2000 to 2008, there were 14 fatalities in coal mines related to poor maintenance of mining equipment. That number really should be zero given that maintenance is something that is completely under the control of operators and management.

Ventilation and Air Quality

Inadequate supply of ventilation to mining personnel in underground confines is a significant concern because of the long-term health effects of exposure to that exhaust and the possibility of catastrophic build-up of explosive gases. Dust, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other toxic airborne substances also carry immediate and long-term threats to the health and safety of mine workers.

Vehicle emissions are a primary and persistent detriment to underground air quality. Poorly maintained diesel-powered mining equipment can contribute to harmful emissions in those work environments. Equipment for transporting mining personnel and materials, rock blasting, drilling and removal all need to be properly maintained to minimize the emissions they produce. Continue reading

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Essential Hospitality Tech Investments for 2013

Given the turbulence that the hospitality sector has experienced over the last several years, it’s not surprising that so many hotel chains have had to reexamine every facet of their business in order to increase operational effectiveness and strengthen their brands. The challenges facing the hotel industry have shaped the new reality chains are operating in, and forced organizations to find new tools.

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in shaping the entire guest experience, from booking to checkout. Not only have guests reached a critical phase in the way that they locate and interact with travel services online, but every class of customer is now demanding even more in terms of data access and tech-related amenities. Behind the scenes, implementing cost-saving technology has been just as transformational. These changes are forcing chains to make specific investments as requirements for being noticed. Continue reading

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Learn How to Keep your Facilities Comfortable and in Tip Top Shape

The importance of keeping your facility in shape from the inside and out, not only prevents costly repairs- but creates a comfortable facility for occupants.  The relationship, communication and mutual trust and understanding among building engineers, management and occupants is critical to a smoothly functioning building. Click here to read more…

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How Consistent Hospital Maintenance Helps with Compliance

Clinics and hospitals are under the strictest scrutiny from federal and state agencies tasked with monitoring the operational conditions, both in patient care and the general maintenance of hospital equipment and facilities. No matter what size, any patient care organization should have comprehensive maintenance plans and procedures in place to help ensure compliance, with robust scheduling software designed specifically for hospitals to manage it all.

But even with the focus on regulatory compliance, remember that the purpose of your entire hospital maintenance apparatus is to ensure the safety and well-being of patients. Your maintenance program has a direct and measurable impact on their treatment outcomes. Going above and beyond what is required, especially when guidelines are ill-defined, will often position your organization in a very good compliance posture. Continue reading

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