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6 Ways School Maintenance Directly Impacts Education

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! To celebrate, the facility maintenance management experts at ManagerPlus have identified six aspects of our education system that are directly impacted by school maintenance and facility condition.

The following are based on a comprehensive report by the 21st Century School Fund, which aggregates numerous studies on the impact of well-maintained, new, and up-to-date facilities on quality of education in the United States. The studies featured in the report focused on key variables such as teacher retention, student discipline, and test scores in order to isolate the effect that facility condition has on each of these measures.

Here are six of the key findings from these studies:

1. Retention. Teachers are 5% more likely to stay working for a school whose facilities conditions are rated “A” versus “F”, according to one study.

2. Attitudes. Evidence suggests that facility condition has a significant impact on teacher attitudes—the better the condition of the facilities, the more positive teachers are about their work.

3. Discipline. There is a correlation between physical disorder and social disorder. Dilapidated facilities are associated with higher rates of discipline problems.  This effect extends to behavioral problems such as truancy, and cigarette, alcohol, and marijuana use. Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Celebrates 2012 Achievements at Awards Luncheon

ManagerPlus held its 2012 Awards Luncheon Thursday to celebrate the company’s achievements from the past year, and honor stand-out employees for their excellence.

ManagerPlus achieved numerous milestones in 2012, including growth in every department, a rapidly expanding customer base, and the creation of the Enterprise and Partners sales divisions, which will drive future growth.

The following ManagerPlus employees were honored for their exceptional performance:

Sales Representative of the Year 2012

Brandon Gunn

Achievement in Sales 2012

Josh Kelly

Greg Dibble

Marcus Heygster

Impact Award  

Cody Gray

Mike Wesemann

Mike Flanders

Glen Kingston

5 Year Award

Ian Stewart

Kerry Hyland

Christine Ware

3 year Award:

John Gibson

Congratulations to these outstanding employees and everyone at ManagerPlus for making 2012 one of our best years ever!

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Managing Vehicle Depreciation and Fleet Life Cycles

Depreciation is the single largest cost of managing a fleet, with maintenance coming in second. Learning to manage asset depreciation is key because even small changes in performance can reap huge savings or incur significant costs.

Understanding Depreciation

The formula for depreciation is deceptively simple: vehicle acquisition cost minus resale value, plus any fees involved with the sale. But the factors that influence resale value, and the utility derived from your fleet vehicles in the meantime are various and complex.

Vehicle depreciation consists of two main factors: Utility and Prestige Value. Utility is essentially a function of mileage; every mile you drive depreciates the vehicle, though not all miles incur equal depreciation throughout the lifecycle. Prestige Value is the perceived value of a vehicle, which is obviously highest for vehicles right before they’re driven off the lot, and drops precipitously in those first few months of ownership. Continue reading

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Spring Maintenance Tips: Roofs and Masonry

After a long winter that saw some extreme weather, spring is the perfect time to do a thorough check of your facilities to ensure that they aren’t deteriorating or damaged.  For facilities, roofs, foundations, masonry walls and chimneys are particularly vulnerable to precipitation and temperature swings, and should rank among facilities professionals’ top priorities for inspections and preventive maintenance.

As you begin to map out your spring maintenance schedule, take a look at our tips for spotting problems early before they become critical emergencies.

Roof Inspections

Continue reading

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It’s Not Too Late! Early Bird Savings Still Available for Our Pro and Enterprise Vegas Seminars

Sign up today and take advantage of our early bird discount for ManagerPlus Enterprise and Pro product seminars in sunny Las Vegas!

Enterprise Seminar, Tuesday June 25th & Wednesday, June 26 2013

Register by April 26th and you’ll save $199 on our Enterprise seminar. Attendees will learn how to improve their department’s productivity, create effective reports, help relieve maintenance management stress, and much more. Seats fill up fast, so be sure to sign up now to reserve your spot!

Pro Seminar, Thursday, June 27th & Friday, June 28th 2013   

Sign up for our Pro seminar before April 30th and save $169.50! Learn tips, tricks and best practices from ManagerPlus experts, and get answers to all of your questions in two power-packed days. If you have multiple attendees, sign up now and save an extra 5% on each individual you add!


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Join the ManagerPlus Team!

ManagerPlus is excited to announce NEW job openings in the direct sales and technical support departments! ManagerPlus is a fast-growing company that offers a positive work environment and  fosters professional growth by helping employees develop their skills and maximize their potential. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, challenging job that could develop into a long and satisfying career, send us your resume today!

Direct Sales

Our sales representatives are among the best you’ll find anywhere,and  is highly knowledgeable and detail oriented, with a true team player mentality. If you enjoy learning new things, working for ManagerPlus is a great way to expand your skill set and learn valuable and marketable experience. There is a lot of room to grow and evolve with ManagerPlus, so if you are a friendly and people-oriented, send us your resume and let’s talk about the skills and background you would bring to ManagerPlus!

Technical Support

Do you love technology? Are you the type who loves to dive into software and learn every function, option and feature? If so, ManagerPlus technical support is the perfect job for you. Gaining a deep understanding of ManagerPlus products can lead to other career paths such as working in our Training and Implementation, Quality Assurance, or Development Departments.

If you’re looking to start a career in software or technology, ManagerPlus technical support is the perfect place to start. Click here for more information.


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Top Concerns for Fleet Managers in 2013

A recent survey of fleet professionals done by GreenRoad revealed that reducing the overall costs of fuel, maintenance and vehicle replacement were among their top concerns. Managers were also extremely concerned with driver retention and ensuring those drivers are productive and safe on the road.

With the economy projected to grow at a modest rate through 2013 and into next year, it’s unsurprising that cost management is on so many managers’ minds. But there are a lot of trends besides cost-reduction that companies should be looking to get ahead of if they want to reduce costs down the road. Let’s examine what are likely to be the big issues over the next months and into 2014 as well.

Safety and Compliance Changes

Electronic log mandates are part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) agenda this year, with a final rule likely to be announced this fall. It’s been one of the highway bill’s most controversial provisions. Bill Quade, Associate Administrator for the FMCSA, said of the rule, “One day, we may consider doing publicly Continue reading

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Identifying True Fleet Maintenance Costs

Last year, fleet maintenance costs per vehicle rose significantly in almost every way that matters. Rising maintenance costs, parts replacement and other expenses erased much of the gains seen from improved vehicle quality from manufacturers. Those increases only underscore the importance of making smart changes to your fleet maintenance operation that will give you savings in your budget and in other related areas of the company.

The key, however, is to find actionable, hard-data points on which to base your decisions. Otherwise, you’re essentially guessing about which measures you can take to reduce costs both in your maintenance regime and in other parts of your budget which are affected by maintenance. Our solutions for fleet maintenance can help you harness the data and scheduling abilities you need to have that kind of business intelligence, but you still have to know what data points reflect your real-world costs.

A Holistic View of Fleet Operations Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Invites You to Join Us in Las Vegas for Enterprise and Pro Seminar Trainings this June

ManagerPlus is excited to announce our upcoming seminar training for the Pro and Enterprise products in sunny Las Vegas. We will be hosting two separate sessions:

June 25-27: Pro

June 26-28: Enterprise

Customers love the opportunity to get hands-on training from our experts, learn from fellow attendees and have their specific database, integration and other questions answered. Our experts offer a wealth of tips, tricks and strategies to help customers improve ROI, cut costs, and much more!

Continue reading

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How to Measure the Efficiency of Your Maintenance Program

Making headway with maintenance and fleet management budgets today requires that companies start collecting and leveraging big data to drive their decisions. This is what makes comprehensive software for asset management a tactical investment; it’s a tool for making informed decisions from a bird’s eye view.

Firms are beginning to track all of their processes in granular detail, hoping to squeeze more efficiency out of their facilities budgets and get a handle on the big maintenance cost-drivers. But that leaves the open question: What data points should you track to monitor the efficiency of your maintenance programs.

A Note on Data Collection

You can’t overstate the importance of capturing data to help you analyze your processes. No matter how sophisticated your software suite, you can’t analyze what you don’t track. When you implement a new CMMS, it makes sense to err on the side of tracking too much in hopes that you’ll eventually be incorporating that information into Continue reading

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