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Simplify Facility Sustainability Efforts with CMMS

A combination of media attention, new technology, and influential research has pushed sustainability issues to the forefront of the facilities management profession. Annual surveys consistently rank facility sustainability at or near the top of facility management priority lists; a key indication of the degree to which issues of waste, inefficiency and environmental impact have transformed the industry.

Fortunately, facilities professionals can take some relatively straightforward steps toward meeting evolving sustainability targets and benchmarks, and a strong CMMS program can help simplify the process.

Scheduling Upgrades, Retrofits, Etc. Continue reading

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Prioritizing Maintenance by Determining Critical Equipment

One of ManagerPlus’s big focuses in training and consulting on maintenance procedures is the necessity of a preventive posture when it comes to maintenance. If a large portion of your maintenance budget is consumed by corrective repairs, it’s a good indicator that you’re spending too much and that redirecting resources to strategic preventive efforts will have a positive effect on those costs, as well as the secondary and tertiary costs that ripple through the rest of you operation.

Identifying Mission-Critical Assets

One factor that is essential to structuring large maintenance plans is the classification and prioritization of equipment assets. Do you know what the lost opportunity and productivity costs are for a single day or week of downtime for a particular asset? Do you know the average rate of corrective repairs, average downtime or the effect on other departments’ operations when a particular asset is down for repairs?

Multiple factors can affect how critical an asset is to your organization, though every operation and industry has concerns specific to it:

  • Safety risks for critical equipment failures
  • Equipment life cycles and acquisition schedules
  • Manufacturing processes and production schedules
  • Costs of breakdown at multiple production phases
  • Health and safety inspection requirements
  • Convenience of repair

Knowing which equipment is most critical and precisely how its operation or malfunction affects your business can lead to more effective maintenance choices in the long run and even help you address other operational vulnerabilities with effective risk management.

Why Critical Assessment is Fundamental

The benefits of this criticality-based approach become clear when considering the things immediately under the control of most maintenance managers: maintenance scheduling and replacement lifecycles. The full cost of downtime isn’t always fully known, which can impair a manager’s ability to prioritize preventive maintenance effectively.

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Spring Maintenance Tips: HVAC

Spring and summer temperatures have been on record-breaking upward trends in many regions for the past several years, making proper HVAC function a top priority for maintenance professionals. HVAC systems must already work harder to contend with rising temperatures, so it’s crucial to ensure that facilities professionals are observing best maintenance practices to reduce the strain on these systems.

A strong CMMS platform can streamline routine checks by simplifying workflow, making it easy to implement these practical, low-cost measures that can increase HVAC efficiency and lower power bills:

+Check seal gaps and cracks as they may be letting warm air into facilities. These openings can considerably increase the workload of HVAC systems, so a thorough inspection should be conducted to find these areas and fix them.

+Clear vents and HVAC units of debris and blockages. These systems need room to operate properly, so it’s important to clear obstructions that can build up over the winter months.

+Adjust AC output during hours when facilities are not in use. Many systems feature controls that can make these adjustments automatically. Lowering output by just a few degrees can translate into substantial cost savings over time. Continue reading

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Spring Maintenance Tips: Foundations

Cracks, potholes, efflorescence, and mineral deposits are among the most common signs of deterioration in facility foundations. It is crucial to catch these problems early and have them addressed by maintenance professional. Problems like these often require specialized equipment and/or materials to properly resolve, and can disrupt normal facility function. It is therefore important to have a planned maintenance and inspection schedule and an organized maintenance workforce in place to minimize these disruptions and prevent them from consuming more resources than necessary.

Do You have a Foundation Drainage System?

Spring is a perfect time to run a cost/benefit analysis on a potential foundation drainage system upgrade or overhaul. These systems can take many forms, but they all achieve the same thing: diverting water from your foundation. Flooding around the foundation can cause serious problems over time that can require costly repairs. Continue reading

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4 Reasons Every Contractor Should Use CMMS Software

In honor of a great review of ManagerPlus products by the contracting experts at CraftPro Home Improvements, we’ve asked our own experts to offer insights into the ways that Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solutions can help contractors organize their equipment, inventory, and labor, in order to streamline overall operations, maximize ROI on assets, and keep projects on deadline.

Most importantly, our experts emphasized that, if utilized properly, CMMS software can be a powerful client relationship tool, as it can increase visibility into operations and bolster contractor accountability.

Here are our top four reasons why every contractor should be using CMMS:

1. Reduce Delays. Although not always deserved, the contracting industry is often associated with negative stigmas such as frequent delays, cost overruns, and sub-par work. These problems, when they do occur, leave clients upset, and can even lead to litigation in extreme circumstances. Consequently, many construction contracts contain some variation of the “no damages for delay” clause, which putatively shields contractors against delay-related damages. But according to a William and Mary Law Review paper, which comprehensively examines the risks associated with construction delays, these stipulations are only sporadically enforced and do not provide reliable protection for contractors. Given the severity of the problems that can arise from delays, it is vital that contractors streamline their workflow, improve scheduling, maintain sufficient levels of parts inventory, and keep equipment running. In an industry with a mixed reputation, an efficiently run company will have a distinct competitive advantage. Continue reading

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Fill Out This CMMS Survey and You Could Win an iPad Mini!

Software Advice would like to know how you use CMMS platforms like ManagerPlus to organize your maintenance workflow, and maximize ROI on your assets. Fill out their quick CMMS survey and you’ll be automatically entered to win a free iPad Mini!

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Be sure to check back here regularly for the latest tips, tricks, news and insights from ManagerPlus.


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10 Tips to Keep Your Fleet on the Road

Whether you’re managing a handful of cars and trucks or an entire fleet of diverse vehicles, the success or failure of your maintenance program (and therefore your budget) is dependent on the little details. If they aren’t already, these 10 items should be part of your comprehensive fleet management checklist.

Essential Fleet Maintenance Tasks

  1. Eliminate paper work orders. Once the number of vehicles being managed extends beyond a handful, the maintenance scheduling can quickly become a full-time job in and of itself. If you’re using software for fleet management that is still largely paper-based in the field, you’re not getting the full tracking ability to keep things on schedule and analyze patterns to correct preventive maintenance plans. A fully automated system lets you track every aspect of fleet management, inventory and budget under one dashboard. Continue reading
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Spring Maintenance Tips: Pipes

Months of cold temperatures and increased precipitation take a heavy toll on facilities’ piping. Here are a few items that your workforce should be watching for as they perform their spring maintenance inspections. It’s a good idea to make these checks a permanent part of your preventive maintenance schedule, as they could save you substantial costs down the road by identifying problems early.

Key Facility Maintenance Pipe Checks

Winter Wear

Frozen pipes are the facilities-equivalent of the seasonal flu. Unfortunately, there’s nothing as simple as a shot to prevent pipes from freezing, but there are some straightforward measures that can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring in the future. Spring is a good time to fit exposed pipes with insulating sleeves that can prevent their temperature from falling below freezing. Areas where pipes are directly exposed to cold air should be patched and sealed over. Continue reading

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How to Use ManagerPlus’ Custom Search Criteria

One of the key advantages of using ManagerPlus CMMS products is the ability to gain visibility into asset data quickly and easily. Because ManagerPlus uses a relational database, you have the power to organize your data in more precise and complex ways that will enable you to identify key trends, add clarity to your reports, and more.

The following walk-through will give you a basic grasp of how to perform more accurate searches by using custom criteria:

1. Open ManagerPlus and Click the Assets tab

2. Below the Assets tab, you will see the following binoculars icon, click here:

Continue reading

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Special Challenges in Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare providers are being squeezed from two directions, dealing with the ever-present demand to reduce costs while improving quality of care and outcomes for their patients. The cost-efficiency demanded simply cannot come from reductions in quality, so savings must be derived from a more efficient use of resources and operational reforms that result in a better level of care.

There are many hurdles to these goals, but the particular inefficiencies that crop up in managing a healthcare facility’s vast equipment resources bring special challenges to anyone trying to tackle costs.

Proliferation and Distribution of Healthcare Assets

The number of assets in play in healthcare environments has increased dramatically over the past two decades, and just mobile assets can represent millions in capital expenditures for a single facility. More treatment options and technologies mean better care and improved outcomes for patients but also more cost introduced into the system. Continue reading

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