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Thinking about installing a green roof? Don’t let maintenance fears deter you

Green Roofing

Green roofs are rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends for facilities around the world. In North America, the rate of yearly green roof installation has jumped from 2 million square feet in 2004, to some 18 million square feet in 2011—a nine-fold increase. This impressive growth rate is linked to the high ROI associated with the lower energy costs, cooler buildings and reduced carbon emissions that green roofs can produce.

Yet growth would likely be even stronger if there were a way to eliminate concerns over the additional maintenance costs that many companies fear green roofs would require. In reality, upkeep for green roofs actually isn’t necessarily more difficult or costly than it is for traditional roofs, provided that it is consistent and timely.

Here are a few tips for keeping green roofs in top condition:

+Ensure maintenance is consistent and timely. The return on investment for a green roof is a function of its condition. Organic material must be cared for on a regular, predictable schedule in order to maximize the benefits of installing it in your roof. For normal roofs, lapsed maintenance tasks, checks, and inspections won’t necessarily result in catastrophic problems, provided that they are addressed within a reasonable amount of time. An organic roof, on the other hand, needs consistent, timely care in order to prevent serious problems from developing. Maintenance software makes it easy to ensure that these routines are followed by centralizing information and keeping maintenance workers accountable. Continue reading

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Prevent High Temperatures from Melting Productivity


Are your facilities’ HVAC systems functioning properly? If not, heat could be reducing productivity at a rate of 2% percent for every 1.8 degrees increase in temperature. At this pace, a difference of just 5 or 10 degrees could have a substantial impact on output–temperatures in the triple digits could be cutting into productivity by more than 30%.

Diagnosing the problem typically isn’t the main challenge—employees don’t generally have a problem alerting management to boiling temperatures. But by then, productivity has already been lost and is likely to remain low until the problem is fixed, which could take several days, or perhaps even weeks, depending on whether maintenance is well organized and efficiently managed. Continue reading

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The Value of Using EAM Software for Standardization (2/2)

In part one of this series, we explored benefits such as common reporting metrics, information, and easy access to information as key reasons to pursue standardization. In part two, we round off the list with more mission-critical objectives that can be achieved by standardizing asset-related processes with EAM/CMMS software.

+ Demonstrate market leadership. Standardization separates the leaders from the laggards in almost every industry. Companies who use EAM/CMMS software to standardize asset management are able to identify best practices and instantly disseminate them throughout their organization. This can dramatically shrink the time and effort it takes to scale-up operations and expand market share. Competitors who do not bring a systematic approach to asset management—or those who don’t use proper tools—must try to compete without concrete, data-backed processes that provide a clear road map for efficiency and success.

+ Create competitive advantage. Standardizing asset management means more up-time throughout your company’s operations. This means that, relative to companies who are not standardized and have no coherent strategy for maximizing and optimizing asset function, your equipment will work more efficiently, for a longer period of time, and suffer fewer catastrophic breakdowns. Functioning machinery equals higher output and a healthy bottom line. Continue reading

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The Value of Using EAM for Equipment Data Standardization (1/2)

For any company, regardless of size, standardization is a vital business objective. When it comes to tracking, maintaining and managing assets, standardization can be the difference in making a company’s operations efficient and high-functioning. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, like ManagerPlus, can help simplify the standardization process. Here’s how:

+ Common reporting metrics. Asset data can only become actionable if reporting is consistent across sites and entities. Discrepancies between the reporting criteria used by different sites/entities, or at different periods of time, make for distorted assessments of operations and asset performance. Needless to say, decisions based on bad information can exacerbate existing problems or create new issues where none previously existed. One of the key advantages of ManagerPlus products is that they come with built-in reporting capability that uses consistent criteria to ensure that information is accurate and actionable. Our implementation and training teams are adept at customizing reports to the specific needs of our clients and ensure they have precisely the data they need.

+ Information Sharing. One of the most common problems our implementation experts encounter is the internal “tug-o-war” over equipment and parts, leaving work sites without the resources they need to function at an optimum level. Our EAM software features asset and tool tracking functionality to help eliminate this problem. With our software, managers can quickly see where tools and equipment are and who has them. This book of record makes it easy to hold workers accountable by cutting down on excuses stemming from equipment unavailability. Continue reading

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Press Release: ManagerPlus Hires Marc Sitterud for New Director of Direct Sales Position

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 23, 2013 – SANDY, Utah – ManagerPlus Solutions, LLC (http://www.managerplus.com) today announced that it has hired Marc Sitterud for its new Director of Direct sales position, where he will implement streamlined sales procedures and provide intensive training and coaching for sales staff. Marc is a sales management professional who offers a unique combination of traditional sales expertise and business acumen that he has developed through years of experience in a variety of markets.

Marc, a native of Greenville, SC, has served in an encompassing range of sales positions, including Sales Manager, Director of Business Development, Consultant and General Agent. He has experience working in online sales, security systems, healthcare, and finance.

“Marc has a strong and proven track record of growing sales teams while increasing closure rates and shortening the sales cycle. We are excited to add him as a new member of our ever growing team” stated Grant Christensen, Chief Sales and Marketing Office of ManagerPlus.
It was his eclectic experience and track record of success that stood out to the ManagerPlus executive team. As Director of Direct Sales, Marc will help increase and sustain ManagerPlus’ high rate of growth and continue to expand its presence in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) market.

Marc has been working closely with the executive team to streamline sales processes and oversee the development and training of new personnel as the department continues to expand.

Marc stated, “My vision for direct sales is to grow a team that is working together to help ManagerPlus move to the next level through hard work and dedication. My goals are to build a team that is knowledgeable, professional, and willing to outwork everyone. I would like to develop an atmosphere of accountability and success. I expect to help ManagerPlus be the leader in the industry and for our sales reps to provide a quality experience for each new client. “

About ManagerPlus
For over 20 years, ManagerPlus has been an innovative provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for clients in a range of industries including fleet, manufacturing, facilities, mining, agriculture, public works, and more. ManagerPlus maintenance software is an easy-to-use asset management software system that helps companies in asset intensive industries increase their return on investments while decreasing costs of operation. ManagerPlus links your asset management, maintenance management, inventory and purchasing functions together for quick and easy viewing and decision-making. ManagerPlus products are scalable, and modular in design, and boast SaaS and mobile functionality.

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains certain forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that certain statements in this release are “forward-looking statements” and involve both known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. Such uncertainties include, among others, certain risks associated with the operation of the company described above. The Company’s actual results could differ materially from expected results.

Contact: Melissa Bosworth, Vice President of Marketing
Email: mbosworth@managerplus.com
Phone: 801-441-1696

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Six Reasons to Ditch Spreadsheets for a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Ditche Spreadsheets for CMMS

Spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel can be handy for organizing basic information into simple charts and lists, but for more complex tasks, like asset management and planning, spreadsheets are woefully inadequate. Using a jumble of spreadsheets to track maintenance tasks can add considerably to the complexity of maintenance planning, as well as dramatically increase the likelihood of errors.

Here are six reasons why you should waste no time in replacing them with more robust CMMS/EAM solutions.

  1. They are astoundingly inaccurate. A recent study shows that some 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors—some of which have caused multi-million dollar mistakes.
  2. They are deceptively simple. Companies often begin using spreadsheets for simple tasks, but don’t make the move to a more robust program until the tasks they are being used for have become highly complex, and the potential for disaster is already intolerably high. Keying errors, incorrectly assigned cells, erroneous data Continue reading
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How to Create a Schedule Group in ManagerPlus

Schedule group creation is one of the most important features of ManagerPlus maintenance software products. These groups contain the services, inventory, notes, and attachments needed to manage and maintain assets within specific, predictable intervals, which can be defined in terms of periods of time or log values. This walk-through is intended to give a feel for the basic process of building a schedule group and applying it to assets. Considering the importance of schedule group creation, it is a good idea to work through this process a few times to become comfortable with it and experiment with different features along the way.

Note that when you are creating a schedule group that you want to save and apply to assets, make a habit of consistently clicking the hard disk icon in the upper right hand corner of the window you are working in to ensure that you do not lose any data.

How to create a schedule group: Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Launches New Customer Successes Page

ManagerPlus is excited to announce the launch of our new Customer Successes page on www.ManagerPlus.com. The new layout features images from our customers, along with a brief description of their businesses, making it easy to browse and get an overall sense of the many industries that ManagerPlus serves. We are often asked who uses our products and services, and this page will provide a nice overview of the diverse range of companies that use our software.

It’s important to note that this page is just a sample of our customers–We serve 10,000+ companies. We look forward to continuously updating this new Customer Successes page, so be sure to check back regularly to see the latest additions.

Customer Successes page




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Guest blog: How to Keep your Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems Safe

Our guest blog this week comes from Jason Kasanezky, a Pallet Rack Specialist from AK Material Handling Systems. Jason provides a basic overview of checks that every warehouse/storage facility should include in their regular inspections to ensure that pallet racks are safe.

AK Material handling logo

Wikipedia describes preventative maintenance as: “The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.”

As a pallet rack systems distributor, we highly stress to our clients the benefit of running preventative maintenance on their racking systems on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Of course, you always want to be inspecting your rack for visual dangers as you perform your daily routines. Creating a checklist and setting aside a schedule for these rack inspections is key to maintaining your rack system and increasing your warehouse safety. With so many rack systems available, it’s difficult to make one checklist for all systems so it’s up to you to create your own list, depending on the rack system that you have in your warehouse. Below is a list of some things that should be on your pallet rack inspection checklist:
Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Guest Blog for CPM Industries

CPM Industries has posted a blog by us on the importance of maintenance in the manufacturing industry, head over and check it out: bit.ly/1358g18

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