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ManagerPlus Hosts Spooktackular Halloween Lunch

Happy Halloween everyone!

ManagerPlus staff donned their finest, most spooktacular costumes and showed off their pumpkin carving skills at a Halloween pizza lunch today.

Each employee posed for a picture in their eerie attire, and a vote was held to determine who was best dressed. Josh from sales took home the top prize with his transformation into Jack Sparrow. His costume impressed everyone with its intricate detail, and Josh did a spot-on impression of the popular pirate with musket in hand.

He was joined in the pirate world by Liz from sales who sported a tricorn hat as part of her getup. Jaime from QA dressed as the Cookie Monster and carried around a plate heaped tall with his namesake treat! Marc from sales terrified sports fans as a referee. Melissa from marketing dressed all in black and wore a big postage stamp to become–take a guess–get it? Blackmail!

Christina from QA looked stunning in a red and black dress and red mask. Kerry from sales sported bling, a gray track suit and a huge curly wig to become a rap star. Greg from partners/resellers was a goofy tiger, and Chris from marketing became, with only a pair of glasses, nearly unrecognizable (except for the name tag) as Clark Kent. Ben from QA sported a bright pumpkin costume.

Jack-O-Lanterns were displayed for judging as well, with Josh Kelly again taking home the prize for best with his elaborate creation!

ManagerPlus thanks the team for their participation and wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

Josh Pumpkin Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Kicks Off Halloween the Healthy Way with Pumpkin Aerobics

Happy Halloween everyone!

We kicked off a week of Halloween festivities today with “Pumpkin Aerobics,” an intense 40 minute workout session where the ManagerPlus team used pumpkins as medicine balls in a variety of fun and challenging exercises.

The session was lead by Greg Dibble, head of the partner/reseller division, who donned his finest exercise duds and kept everyone sweating throughout.

After the workout, team members were invited to take their pumpkins home, flex their finest carving skills, and bring their transformed Jack-O-Lantern back to the office Thursday for our Halloween lunch where we’ll be awarding prizes for best pumpkin and best costume.

We’re looking forward to an awesome week!

Pumpkin aerobics 2.2

Pumpkin Aerobics 3.3

Pumpkin Aerobics 1.1

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2 Simple Ways to Keep Heating Costs Down This Winter

Winter Landscape

Over the past several decades, temperature fluctuations have made it difficult for facilities managers to estimate how much heating and furnace systems will cost to operate through winter. Regardless of how much these systems are used, however, there are some basic steps managers and maintenance staff can take to ensure that these systems are functioning at optimum efficiency while minimizing costs.

Here are a few tips:

Identify and eliminate all drafts. Air escaping through cracks in doors and windows can waste between 5% and 30% of energy costs. Continue reading

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How Scaffolding Helps Explain the Recent Spike in OSHA Citations


Do you know whether your scaffolding can hold its own weight plus four-times the maximum recommended load? Does your staff perform regular checks on stairs, supporting transoms, footings, braces, brackets, trusses, screw legs, ladders, etc.? Do your employees inspect rigging on suspension scaffolds before each shift?

If your answer is no to any of the above, or to any other OSHA scaffolding requirement for that matter, you are neglecting one of the biggest causes of the most common and fatal variety of construction site accidents: falls from heights.

The problem is getting worse. OSHA reported that scaffolding citations increased from Continue reading

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Companies Spend Billions on Safety But Many Accidents Remain Intractable: Here’s Why

PPE equipment

Sales of safety equipment and supplies totaled $11 billion in 2012 in the U.S.—an amount greater than the GDP of Nicaragua. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is a $33.3 billion industry globally.

Suffice it to say, businesses around the world are spending serious money to keep their employees safe and government regulators off their backs. Yet despite these huge outlays, rates of serious accidents have remained essentially flat—or even increased in some industries—over the past several years.

In Texas, a fertilizer plant recently exploded, tragically killing more than 30 people, despite the company’s claims Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Fleet Manager?

Track Your Fleet Logo

This week our guest blog comes from Track Your Truck, a leading GPS solutions provider for the trucking industry, on the characteristics that make up a great fleet manager.

You’ve got a fleet of trucks or other assets to manage, and you recognize that safety, security, efficiency and on-time performance are all important to your operations. How do you find the right person (or people) to make that happen?

Fleet management is all about keeping things moving and knowing where your assets are at all times. A great fleet manager is a person who thrives on keeping up with information and knows what to do with it.

Here are some traits to look for when seeking or hiring a person to drive your fleet management.

Someone who can balance demands Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Featured Presenter, Sponsor at Scrap Recycling Conference

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

ManagerPlus participated in the 2013 Operations Forum held by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Inc. (ISRI) in Long Beach, California this week. The conference is tailored for industry professionals who are responsible for the “safe and efficient operation of scrap recycling facilities.”

Greg Dibble, who is the director of the partner/reseller sales channel at ManagerPlus, was invited to give a presentation on how CMMS software can help maximize the safety and efficiency of scrap recycling facilities by increasing uptime, generating cost savings, ensuring regulatory compliance, standardizing maintenance routines, and more.

With over 20 years of experience in the training and implementation of CMMS solutions, ManagerPlus is in a unique position to provide key insights into ways that companies can improve their processes and enhance worker safety, making them a perfect fit for ISRI’s conference and overall mission.

The ISRI Operations Forum bills itself as a “mini-convention” where attendees can create their own educational program. The organizers have created recommended tracks that attendees can follow in order to learn specific subjects. A “Certificate of Completion” certificate is awarded to attendees who attend all of the mandated sessions.

ManagerPlus was honored to participate in the conference and hopes that all scrap recycling professionals who attend walk away with valuable knowledge on how to make their facilities safer and more efficient.



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Implementing Precision Lubrication with CMMS Software

A recent piece in Plant Services lays out a compelling case for precision lubrication. Author Jason Kopschinsky, CMRP, provides a helpful, step by step breakdown of what should be done to ensure that lubricants are in proper condition and keeping machines running smoothly.

For ManagerPlus users, it might be a good idea to review your current lubrication practices for the “gaps” Kopschinsky identifies, including “incorrect amount,” “wrong lubricant type,” “inefficient contamination and storage control,” etc.

After a review of your current practices, you can implement his “10 key areas” of focus for improvement using ManagerPlus.

Here’s how (click here for Kopschinsky’s recommendations):

For: “Lubricant purchasing, selection, and quality assurance”

Use the Vendors module. Setting up a vendor account for your lubricant provider is a quick and easy way to ensure that the correct lubricant is purchased every time. All the contact information, notes, credit memos, etc. can be stored here for easy access.

Vendors screen shot Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Successfully Completes First Technical Training Seminar

ManagerPlus Technical Training Seminar

Congratulations to Andrew Love, John Gibson, and the rest of the training and implementations, and development team members who made ManagerPlus’ first technical training seminar a big success!

The seminar was designed exclusively to provide tech savvy IT professionals with deep insights into the workings of ManagerPlus, and enable them to maximize their companies’ use of our products.

Dave Treuthardt of Wisconsin Cheese Group said of the seminar, “The software is very powerful and intuitive. It was a terrific seminar. Very well put together. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make it work.” Continue reading

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Prepare Boilers and Heaters for Winter in 4 Steps


BOMI, the international institute for property and facility management education, has released a handy list of boiler/heater checks and inspections that should be on every facility manager’s schedule this fall. Boilers and electric heaters require thorough checks and cleanings to ensure that they will function properly through the winter—failures in these systems can be extra problematic in the midst of snow and ice, and facility equipment and tenants don’t typically respond well to prolonged exposure to cold.

Thankfully, the worst of these problems can be easily avoided by implementing BOMI’s suggestions. And if your company uses a CMMS/EAM platform like ManagerPlus, integrating them will be easy.

Here’s how to implement BOMI’s winterization tips for boilers and electric heaters in four easy steps: Continue reading

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