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Vehicle Reliability is Declining, Reverse the Trend with Fleet Maintenance Software

A recent report by J.D. Power and Associates carries some bad news for fleet managers: vehicle dependability measures have declined for the first time in over 15 years. Though the problems reported weren’t necessarily catastrophic, there was an influx of … Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Celebrates a Successful 2013 at Annual Awards Luncheon

ManagerPlus achieved some major milestones in 2013, and completed several projects that have laid the groundwork for even greater success in the years ahead. Revenue increased across-the-board, ManagerPlus products were upgraded with powerful new features and functionality, and talented individuals … Continue reading

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8 Tough Questions About Equipment Life Answered with CMMS

As we prepare for this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas (come see us at booth #63910!), we have been looking at the many ways that our CMMS solutions can help maximize equipment ROI, reduce dependance on paper-based systems, and … Continue reading

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Is Your Power ‘Leaking’? Fix It with Preventive Maintenance Software

Spotting leaks in most types of equipment is typically easy: fluid can be seen pooling on the ground or accumulating on other components. When it comes to power usage, however, many companies may not think in terms of the potential … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Save Time and Money on Lighting

By Guest Contributor Andrea Vollf The famous phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman, “Time is Money”, has never been as accurate as it is in today’s world. While we watch all the changes that are … Continue reading

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Preventing Machine Malfunction Injuries with Training and Maintenance

A basic Google search on injuries stemming from malfunctioning equipment will tell you almost everything you need to know about them without having to click a single link: most of the results are for law firms that specialize in  extracting … Continue reading

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2 Keys for Protecting Fleets from Freezing Temperatures with Fleet Management Software

As the “polar vortex” continues to pummel large parts of the U.S. with freezing air from the North Pole, standard winterization measures may prove inadequate to protect fleets from record-breaking low temperatures. In order to keep vehicles running in weather … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, An Overview of 29 CFR 1926

  OSHA estimates that 3,945 workers died in 2012, 775 or 19.6 percent of whom were working in the construction industry when they experienced accidents linked to falls, struck-by objects, electrocution and caught-in/between hazards also known as the Fatal Four. … Continue reading

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2 Ways to Minimize IT Outage Costs with CMMS Software

Exponential growth in technology has made IT uptime mission critical for facilities managers, and not just those who work in traditionally data-intensive industries like finance, telecommunications, and e-commerce. A recent survey revealed that growth has been strongest in industries like … Continue reading

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Top Ten ManagerPlus Blogs of the Year

Happy New Year! We explored a wide range of topics, and provided a variety of perspectives and insights on this blog over the past year–this post marks our 80th installment! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up our top ten favorite posts … Continue reading

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