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Why ManagerPlus Bi Advanced Reporting and Dashboards is a Maintenance Game Changer

Basic reports are great. They can provide a top-level snapshot of various aspects of your operations to help you identify important trends. But, they can also be limited. Sometimes you need to visualize your data in charts and graphs to … Continue reading

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Five Effective Storage Solutions for Equipment on your Construction Site

Guest blog by Madina Azamy Equipment and material theft is an increasing problem in the construction industry – specifically good quality, expensive tools and machinery that are easy to conceal once stolen. Companies are incurring the loss of equipment and materials … Continue reading

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Cutting Maintenance Costs and Improving Efficiency: Envirosystems Inc. Case Study

Paul Beauchamp, Regional Maintenance Manager for the Canada division of Envirosystems Inc., has a simple phrase to sum up the value of ManagerPlus to his operation: “Collect data once, use it many times.” Beauchamp is responsible for a wide variety … Continue reading

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How to Create Maintenance Log Types

It’s pretty unusual for a maintenance department to track just one type of equipment. And even on the rare occasions when they do, they still have to track different makes, models, etc. (think about a fleet of vehicles, for instance). … Continue reading

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The Importance of Configurability in Maintenance Software

  This week, American Machinist ran an article titled “Why Configurability Matters for Manufacturing Enterprise Software” (form fill required). In it, author Katie Hilyar details the importance of flexibility in enterprise software solutions, citing the substantial differences between the processes … Continue reading

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Implementing Condition Based Maintenance with ManagerPlus

When companies approach ManagerPlus about streamlining their maintenance operations, the conversation often centers around preventive maintenance. In general, companies want to find a better way to track all of their PM schedules in order to stay ahead on their work … Continue reading

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CMMS ROI Calculator: How Much Can You Save?

When companies approach us looking for ways to streamline and optimize their maintenance operations, one of the first questions we typically get asked is: what’s the return on investment for maintenance software? The answers can vary widely depending on the … Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Featured in Better Buys

ManagerPlus is currently featured in BetterBuys’ “The Definitive Guide to CMMS” publication. Highlights from our case studies on Gas Field Specialists and Doyon Utilities is given top billing in the CMMS Use-Cases section. Be sure to check it out, and … Continue reading

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OEE: Using Maintenance to Achieve Higher Product Quality

We’ve finally arrived at the third leg of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) journey: product/output quality. At this point, if we’ve been calculating the first two components of OEE correctly, we should have accurate measures of equipment availability and the … Continue reading

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OEE: The Role of Maintenance in Equipment Performance

In our first installment on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), we looked at how you calculate the availability metric (Availability = Operating Time / Planned Production Time) using data from your CMMS system. In this installment, we’ll take a look at … Continue reading

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