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CMMS in Waste Management Part 2: Managing Regulations and Rising Costs

ManagerPlus is at Waste Expo in Atlanta this week (booth 4920), providing waste management companies with a hands-on look at our CMMS solutions and explaining how they can help cut costs and improve profit margins. In a previous blog installment … Continue reading

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How CMMS Can Increase Profit Margins in the Waste Management Industry, Pt. 1

  If the housing and construction industries were “ground zero” of the Great Recession, the waste management industry was right there with them, enduring the worst consequences as building and production virtually came to a halt and the volume of … Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Fall Protection Piece Featured on

ManagerPlus contributed a piece this week to on the subject of fall hazards and how companies can minimize this persistent problem. Despite exorbitant fines and the serious, often fatal, injuries that result from these hazards, they remain atop OSHA’s … Continue reading

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Protect Your Employees from Asbestos and Lead: NY company Faces $2.3 Million in OSHA Fines

In a special guest blog this week, F Marie Athey of details some of the key measures companies must implement in order to protect their workers from the dangers associated with asbestos and lead exposure. These steps can be … Continue reading

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Beyond the Regulations Manual: How to Maintain a Safe Environment at Work

Guest Post by Carrie Winans The importance of safety regulations and the impact of not following such regulations, laws and rules are seen on the news daily. Failure to wear seat belts increases injuries in car accidents, oil companies cause … Continue reading

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How Industrial Refrigerators Illustrate the Case for Preventive Maintenance Software

For many companies in the food processing, food service, medical, and logistics industries, refrigerators are the most important type of asset that they must maintain. In addition to the typical disruptions associated with asset downtime, refrigerator problems can cause product … Continue reading

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