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Spring Maintenance Tips: HVAC

Spring and summer temperatures have been on record-breaking upward trends in many regions for the past several years, making proper HVAC function a top priority for maintenance professionals. HVAC systems must already work harder to contend with rising temperatures, so … Continue reading

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Spring Maintenance Tips: Foundations

Cracks, potholes, efflorescence, and mineral deposits are among the most common signs of deterioration in facility foundations. It is crucial to catch these problems early and have them addressed by maintenance professional. Problems like these often require specialized equipment and/or … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Every Contractor Should Use CMMS Software

In honor of a great review of ManagerPlus products by the contracting experts at CraftPro Home Improvements, we’ve asked our own experts to offer insights into the ways that Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solutions can help contractors organize their … Continue reading

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Fill Out This CMMS Survey and You Could Win an iPad Mini!

Software Advice would like to know how you use CMMS platforms like ManagerPlus to organize your maintenance workflow, and maximize ROI on your assets. Fill out their quick CMMS survey and you’ll be automatically entered to win a free iPad … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Keep Your Fleet on the Road

Whether you’re managing a handful of cars and trucks or an entire fleet of diverse vehicles, the success or failure of your maintenance program (and therefore your budget) is dependent on the little details. If they aren’t already, these 10 … Continue reading

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Spring Maintenance Tips: Pipes

Months of cold temperatures and increased precipitation take a heavy toll on facilities’ piping. Here are a few items that your workforce should be watching for as they perform their spring maintenance inspections. It’s a good idea to make these … Continue reading

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How to Use ManagerPlus’ Custom Search Criteria

One of the key advantages of using ManagerPlus CMMS products is the ability to gain visibility into asset data quickly and easily. Because ManagerPlus uses a relational database, you have the power to organize your data in more precise and … Continue reading

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Special Challenges in Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare providers are being squeezed from two directions, dealing with the ever-present demand to reduce costs while improving quality of care and outcomes for their patients. The cost-efficiency demanded simply cannot come from reductions in quality, so savings must be … Continue reading

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6 Ways School Maintenance Directly Impacts Education

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! To celebrate, the facility maintenance management experts at ManagerPlus have identified six aspects of our education system that are directly impacted by school maintenance and facility condition. The following are based on a comprehensive report … Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Celebrates 2012 Achievements at Awards Luncheon

ManagerPlus held its 2012 Awards Luncheon Thursday to celebrate the company’s achievements from the past year, and honor stand-out employees for their excellence. ManagerPlus achieved numerous milestones in 2012, including growth in every department, a rapidly expanding customer base, and … Continue reading

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