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Protect Your Employees from Asbestos and Lead: NY company Faces $2.3 Million in OSHA Fines

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OSHA campus logo

In a special guest blog this week, F Marie Athey of details some of the key measures companies must implement in order to protect their workers from the dangers associated with asbestos and lead exposure. These steps can be easily incorporated into facility schedule groups and/or inspections with ManagerPlus.


By F Marie Athey, OHST

OSHA recently fined a New York real estate company over $2.3 million for asbestos and lead exposure violations after it was found that employees and contractors were exposed to these hazards while performing renovation and cleanup activities on a site.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez said that the company knew that asbestos and lead were present at this site, and concluded that they therefore willfully neglected to provide for proper protection of its employees.

These infractions carry severe health consequences, as exposure to these hazards can cause disabling or fatal diseases and damage to the nervous and reproductive system.  OSHA training courses can provide you and your employees with the information needed to deal with these hazards properly.

Check Your Asbestos Compliance Continue reading

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Beyond the Regulations Manual: How to Maintain a Safe Environment at Work

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my safety sign logo

Guest Post by Carrie Winans

The importance of safety regulations and the impact of not following such regulations, laws and rules are seen on the news daily. Failure to wear seat belts increases injuries in car accidents, oil companies cause massive oil spills by not taking proper precautions, and employees are injured on the job due to complacency. Most companies have regulations manuals that outline policies and guidelines that workers should adhere to, however, shortcuts, time crunches, and forgetfulness may slowly decrease the impact of the handbook. How can employers maintain a safe environment at work after they put down the regulations manual?

Visual Reminders

A visible reminder of the rules is a great first step. Consider signs, posters, and stickers that outline potential dangers and machinery use around the workplace. A sign serves as a reminder to double check surroundings and creates a prompt for operating new or unfamiliar equipment. Signs can also protect those outside the company in a workplace. For example, signs can alert drivers to construction worker presence in a high-traffic area. In the same construction zone, signs can also keep pedestrians safe by warning them of overhead or path hazards. Workplace safety ensures the protection of employees and non-employees. Signage can save the life of an individual who may not know your work area as well as your employees do. Continue reading

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How Industrial Refrigerators Illustrate the Case for Preventive Maintenance Software

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industrial fridge

For many companies in the food processing, food service, medical, and logistics industries, refrigerators are the most important type of asset that they must maintain. In addition to the typical disruptions associated with asset downtime, refrigerator problems can cause product to spoil, which can in turn pose further logistical problems as arrangements must be made for replacements.

And breakdowns are only part of the concern—efficiency is also a major issue when it comes to industrial refrigerators, as they often account for as much as 60% of energy use for some plants and facilities.

This is why industrial refrigerators serve as a perfect case-in-point for preventive maintenance:  it is far less expensive to perform regular cleanings and replace small parts than to wait while major repairs are made following a full breakdown.

Some of the most common problems can be prevented or mitigated by regularly cleaning condensers, performing checks for cracks in seals and insulation, and checking to ensure that drains are kept clear.

+ Cleaning condensers. Dirty condensers place added strain on other components, and waste more energy. Fortunately, preventing premature or total breakdowns is easy if monthly cleanings are scheduled with your CMMS software. Continue reading

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Three Ways Agricultural Companies Can Increase Asset ROI

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national ag day

Machinery is the second largest capital investment that most agricultural companies make after land. In the U.S., agricultural machinery is a $42 billion industry, and has been growing at a rate of 3.9% over the past several years.

Considering the amount that is spent on In honor of National Agriculture Day, we’ve pulled together a list of the key ways that ManagerPlus products help agricultural companies maximize ROI on all of their equipment, while also streamlining regulatory compliance and streamlining operations.

+ Moving from reactive to preventive maintenance. Maintenance on major pieces of farm equipment, like combines, tractors, harrows, and balers, can add up to as much as 90% of the original purchase price. These machines already carry hefty price tags, making the prospect of having to essentially pay for them twice over especially unpalatable. Continue reading

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ManagerPlus Featured in Risk Management by Construction Executive: The Link Between Productivity and Safety

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Construction Executive logo

Risk Management, a publication of Construction Executive, posted an article by ManagerPlus on the link between productivity and safety. Construction firms contending with the worst economic conditions in a generation appear to have been attempting to do more with the same or less, putting workers in a rush to get work done. As a result, OSHA violations have skyrocketed.

See how organizational tools like CMMS can help resolve the dilemma between safety and productivity:



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ManagerPlus Published in FMJ

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FMJ title page

Be sure to pick up the March/April edition of Facility Management Journal, which features a piece by ManagerPlus on the importance of securing staff-wide buy-in for software in order to maximize ROI.

Companies are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on cutting edge software solutions, but often lack a sound strategy to ensure that the solutions are successful. Check out our insights here:

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Congratulations to Our CONEXPO iPod nano Winners!

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The team at ManagerPlus concluded a successful CONEXPO 2014 last week, where we had the opportunity to showcase our latest products to wide range of companies from all over the world.

Throughout the week, we accepted entries into our iPod nano giveaway and drew a winner each day. We’d like to extend a big thanks to our winners, as well as every one else who took the time to visit with us and learn how our products can help them streamline their operations and increase ROI on all of their assets.

Thank you!

Vince Anewenter of Rapid Prototyping Center

Vince Anewenter of Rapid Prototyping Center

James Russell of Cmte1

James Russell of Cmte1

Jordan Weston of Milwaukee School of Engineering

Jordan Weston of Milwaukee School of Engineering


Winners not pictured:

Mike Nowak of Surmeir & Surmeir

Richard Lebel of Sivaco

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Visit ManagerPlus at CONEXPO!

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2014-03-04 14.06.30

CONEXPO is underway in Las Vegas and the ManagerPlus team has been busy showing off our latest products and services at booth #63910. Professionals from the construction, agriculture, and heavy equipment industries have been stopping by our booth for a chance to get some live, hands-on experience with our software, and gain some insight into how they can streamline and optimize their operations.

If you’re in town and haven’t seen us yet, be sure to schedule an appointment and drop by. We’re holding daily iPod nano giveaways, giving out great ManagerPlus gear, and helping businesses learn how they can get the most from their assets, so be sure you come see us!

2014-03-04 14.06.032014-03-04 14.06.44 2014-03-04 14.06.22

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4 Reasons Every Construction Company Should Use CMMS

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construction pic

As ManagerPlus prepares for CONEXPO, the major tri-annual construction show in Las Vegas that begins next week, we’ve been reviewing the key ways that our products can cut costs and help construction companies of all sizes maximize ROI on their equipment.

In the process, we’ve quickly realized that there are far too many benefits from CMMS to fit them all into a standard blog post, so we’ve decided to focus on four key business objectives that we can help our partners in the construction industry achieve: ROI maximization, streamlined regulatory compliance, increased productivity, and consistent, reliable meter tracking.

Given the unique demands that construction projects place on equipment, CMMS solutions like ManagerPlus can have a particularly big impact on ROI by streamlining maintenance and centralizing critical data. For a more detailed analysis of how we can improve your business, be sure to schedule an appointment to see us at CONEXPO (booth #63910) where we’ll be demonstrating our products, giving out ManagerPlus gear, and accepting entries for our iPod nano giveaway.

+ Maximize ROI on all equipment

As any construction manager knows, maintenance costs are one of the key determinants of overall equipment ROI. Yet many managers still perform maintenance on a run-to-failure basis, which, in the long run, can be far costlier than taking a proactive, preventive approach.

Research shows that poorly organized maintenance can eat up to Continue reading

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Vehicle Reliability is Declining, Reverse the Trend with Fleet Maintenance Software

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safecar website

Online resources like make it easy to find recall and technical service bulletin information.

A recent report by J.D. Power and Associates carries some bad news for fleet managers: vehicle dependability measures have declined for the first time in over 15 years.

Though the problems reported weren’t necessarily catastrophic, there was an influx of complaints over transmission and engine issues, including engine hesitation and rough shifting among other things.  The results were particularly bad for major truck brands like Ram and Ford, who saw their reliability rankings drop 9 and 4 spots respectively.

And while these issues may not be ‘catastrophic,’ we are still talking about new vehicles, and the types of issues that drivers are complaining about don’t bode well for future performance. Even seemingly trivial issues like annoying sounds and a sluggish transmission can erode driver morale and make them less likely to care for vehicles properly.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be mitigated with basic preventive maintenance (PM) services, particularly if they are implemented with a full-featured fleet maintenance program like ManagerPlus Enterprise.

+ Schedule regular transmission flushes    Continue reading

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